The new Detroit Lions uniforms are almost perfect

The long-awaited Detroit Lions uniforms are here!

I want to first address that the entire set has removed black from its identity. The helmet features the Northwestern stripe but I feel that the lack of white in that stripe makes it look so plain and empty. The logo is outlined in Honlulu blue, which is fine. The facemask is also very nice as it appears to be chrome. A blue one would have worked too.

The home set (and the color swapped road set) is very good. I love the Northwestern stripes remaining on the sleeve and pants. The simplicity of it is great and the number font isn’t bad either.

However, the only real annoying issue is the team name on one sleeve, and the initials of William Clay Ford on the other. It reminds me of the Bucs and their sleeves featuring different things. They should have just removed those names. They aren’t necessary. Keep a Ford patch and I would be fine with it.

I love that they have brought back blue pants. It takes us back to the final seasons of Barry Sanders’ career. Unfortunately it isn’t paired with gray socks. I can imagine the gray pants can also be paired with the white jersey. And we might see monochrome blue too. That will be bad.

The throwbacks are perfect! Keep it that way.

It feels so forced and unsatisfying. This Color Rush set just feels so bare. Reminds me of a college team wearing all gray.

Overall the standard home and road sets are real nice. I wish it featured some more white than just focusing it on two main colors. Also, the sleeve names need to go. Great work on the throwback and Color Rush is awful.

Good upgrade. I give it a B-plus. The minor gripes and the Color Rush bring it down a little.



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