I was there when the ‘We Believe’ Warriors played their first home playoff game

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago today that this happened.

I had been a die hard Warriors fan since I was a kid and this was the first time I experienced winning basketball from my team. Getting tickets to the game was hard already as we waited in line for hours a week prior. I was lucky enough to get these tickets and attend the greatest sporting event ever in my lifetime.

I remember the sights and sounds of the game. The atmosphere was electric. It was something I had never experienced before in my games before and after this playoff run. Sure the NBA Finals a couple years ago was the loudest I had ever screamed. But the atmosphere for this game was something that will never be duplicated.

The joy and excitement was off the roof. The screams and chants were deafening. The Warriors were running up and down the floor making Dallas look so weak. Every shot made was cheered. The anticipation of something big happening remained all the way until the end of the game.

I believed. I still believe. This is my favorite team of all time. This was fun. I will hold on to this forever.



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