Don’t be foolish and blame the Warriors’ Game 4 loss on the officials

Referee John Goble and Draymond Green discuss the confusion of the technical foul calls. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

We can all agree that last night’s NBA Finals game was some of the worst officiating in recent memory.

There were the confusing technical foul assessments that nobody knew about. There was also LeBron James and Kevin Durant being allowed to jaw at each other for way longer than they should have. There was also the confusion of Zaza Pachulia and if he did take a swipe at J.R. Smith’s crotch. There was also the seemingly insane amount of foul calls that leaned toward the Cavaliers’ side early on.

It was bad.

But that is not why the Warriors lost.

I’ve always been a believer that the team will always be better than the officials. A team who is good enough to win will never be defeated by the officials. The Warriors are good enough to beat the Cavaliers without factoring in the officials.

And the Warriors were not playing their best last night. The Cavaliers were playing record-setting basketball. It was simple as that. The Warriors have nobody to blame but themselves for playing suspect defense that allowed the Cavaliers to set a record for three-pointers and a record-breaking first quarter. That’s not on the officials. The Warriors allowed those shots to go in.

But we move on to Game 5. And the officials once again will not be the reason why a team wins or loses. If the Warriors truly believe they are the better team, they will have to play like it. They determine the outcome of the game, not the officials.


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