Quick thoughts on Adidas’ NHL jerseys reveal

I was out for most of the day so I have not given myself enough time to go over all that’s happened. Chris Creamer in the tweet above covers everything you need to know.

But here are some quick thoughts.

  • I am not a big fan of the collars but it isn’t too bad. I do not like the new laces for the collars but it was inevitable that this was going to happen.
  • The perforated numbers on some of these look OK. I know that the crests and fabrics are lighter because some crests aren’t all fully stitched like before. From a distance it looks fine.
  • I am OK with the NHL shield being Chromaflex.

  • Most of the changes that have been made are good. I like the Canes’ flag stripe, the new Wild set, the Avs’ old school style return. I don’t like what the Devils did.
  • The Golden Knights look OK. Nothing too flashy and the details are nice. But overall, I am not really big on it.

For the most part, these are fine. Sure the two-tone collars for some and the change of certain fonts are decent, but it isn’t something too big. For what it is, Adidas didn’t make a big splash and didn’t force three stripes anywhere. So because nothing big was implemented or forced by Adidas, I call it a success.


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