Bay Bridge series trophy is cool but not necessary

It was announced that the regular season Bay Bridge series between the A’s and Giants will now feature a trophy to the series winner.

Here are the rules

  1. The Bridge will be awarded to the team that wins more games in the regular-season Bay Bridge Series.
  2. If the series finishes tied, the winner of the final game shall win The Bridge.
  3. If one or more games is postponed and the series has not yet been clinched, The Bridge will not be awarded until the postponed game(s) can be made up. If the postponed game(s) can not be made up, the standing of the series at the end of the season shall determine the winner of The Bridge. Whether or not postponed games are made up, if the series ends in a tie, the team that wins the final game will be awarded The Bridge.

Is this necessary? Absolutely not. But I suppose when the series has started to get stale and they are looking for something to make it more fun for the fans, we have this. I like that it is made of the bridge steel.

But overall, it’s just for bragging rights and won’t mean anything. There is no rivalry so they’re creating something out of nothing. But hey, whatever to get the fans somewhat excited, go for it. The trophy kind of looks cool, but it’s still a pretty tame design.

I just hope it doesn’t become more than what it is: just a trophy for bragging rights. If it escalates to more than that, then it just really devalues this series.


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