49ers unveil 1994 all-white throwbacks for upcoming season

The wait is over. After successfully avoiding leaks, the San Francisco 49ers have unveiled a new alternate uniform from the upcoming season. It is inspired by their ever popular 1994 uniforms which they wore during their last Super Bowl title season. Those specific uniforms were a throwback to their 1955 set.

These uniforms are not exactly 100 percent accurate to those uniforms as it will feature white socks (to go with the no longer mandated Color Rush initiative). But apparently the players can opt to wear red socks if they please.

Everything else remains the same, although with the way jerseys are cut these days, the sleeve stripes are moved up significantly. There are no TV numbers and the team will wear the same helmets they wore in 1994.

The addition of white pants is a welcomed look that some 49ers fans have clamored for. It’s a look that the team has not worn since the 1997 season. Now they have the all-white look from 1994 back in their rotation.

With this alternate, that means the all-black uniforms that they debuted in 2015 are no more. These new throwback alternates can be worn for two games this upcoming season — one which will be for a prime time game.

Overall I am satisfied with this unveil. Having an all-white throwback from the team’s last Super Bowl winning season is great. Everything is accurate except for the socks but I can let that go. It’s a welcomed return to an era that was so good to so many fans. Also it was nice to have Jerry Rice model the jersey with some players as well.

Fans can now purchase these jerseys for current players or even former players who wore them in 1994.

You can watch the uniform unveil here.



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