Warriors have signed a jersey ad deal with Rakuten and I don’t like it

Well, did you expect me to like this?

The deal with the Japanese company for $20 million a year is the highest contract for jersey ads in the NBA. Of course the Warriors would do this.

Aside from the fact that jersey ads exist, the red doesn’t match with the white uniform. At least the blue jerseys feature the patch in white.

But still, it just looks like some random letter on the jersey. Oh well. This is the NBA we have right now.

Thank you, Derek Jeter

One of my favorite and most respected players of all time. Sucks that he is a Yankee but still, he’s the man.

Does he deserve all this? Sure. But should they be doing all this for him? No. It is overkill of appreciation, even though he was a great player. I am mixed about it. I appreciate him but it is overwhelming.

Since when do they put ads on team mascots?

I didn’t notice this before and maybe this is not new. But as I was looking through photos on my Facebook feed, this came up. Not only am I a fan of the ugly sweaters, but I noticed an ad patch on Swoop, the Eagles mascot.

Since when did they start putting ads on the mascots? I know that ads are placed on the team practice jerseys, but the mascot is also a walking billboard?

This is just another indication of the sign of the times. We already know ads are going to invade the players’ jerseys in the future. No reason to think even mascots will be safe from them.

Lids and their poor-timing Manny Machado ad

Lids put out this tweet advertising Manny Machado and his comeback. (It was also put on their Facebook.) This comeback, I assume, is in reference to the season-ending injury he suffered last season.

But of course, if you mention Manny Machado’s name, the thing that pops up to your mind was his stupidity from last weekend.

Temper tantrums. Evil smiles. Throwing bats at people. That’s what comes to mind.

So is it a comeback from the five-game suspension that he was handed for all that?

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Champs Sports uses “Amber Alert” to describe their crush for #WCW

Missing children should not be associated with your #WCW.


If you are familiar with Internet lingo, you know that #WCW stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday.” On Wednesday, people share pictures of women they have a crush on.

Champs Sports did that, but sadly decided to use the term “Amber Alert” to describe Amber Heard.

People who follow Champs Sports on Twitter shot back at the poor choice of words, including me.

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Kendrick Lamar has competition: James Harden drops hot new single despite Stephen Curry’s disapproval

This is gold. Plus, check out Curry’s sweatshirt. That’s fresh!

This Dikembe Mutombo GEICO commercial brings joy to my heart

Who doesn’t love Dikembe Mutombo? He has a huge heart, a really deep raspy voice and one of the premier shot blockers of our generation.

Add in GEICO, one of the best advertisers today, and we get this magical commercial.

After his Old Spice magic last year, Dikembe outdoes himself again.

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Poll: Nike campaign on Twitter gets banned. Were they unethical?

What do you think? Were these tweets misleading?

Ickey Shufflin'

Earlier this week in the UK, the Advertsing Standards Authority (ASA) – their equivalent of our Better Business Bureau (BBB) – banned a Nike Make It Count Twitter campaign that used the personal accounts of English Premier League players Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) and Jack Wilshere (Arsenal). According to a report by Mark Sweney in the Guardian, Nike “broke rules for not clearly telling the public their tweets were ads.”

One of the questionable tweets from Rooney’s account read, “My resolution — to start the year as a champion, and finish it as a champion…#makeitcount gonike.me/makeitcount.” Rooney has close to 4.5 million followers. A tweet sent from Jack Wilshere’s account stated, “In 2012, I will come back for my club — and be ready for my country.#makeitcount gonike.me/Makeitcount.”

Nike’s argument was that both players “were well-known for being sponsored” and that “Twitter ‘followers’ would not be misled about the relationship it had with…

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