Cal is releasing the coolest bobblehead

All Bay Area fans know this. All Cal fans love this. I want this.

What a great bobblehead to commemorate the craziest play in college football.

Help me get one!

Oakland Athletics’ Josh Reddick bobblehead features the wrong jersey number

To commemorate a great catch Josh Reddick made in spring training a couple years ago, the Oakland A’s are giving away the bobblehead you see above.

As you have noticed, Reddick is wearing #22 for the bobblehead, which was not the number he wore when he made the catch. Reddick switched to #22 when Billy Butler arrived last season.

This is an odd occurrence since the bobblehead is supposed to commemorate a moment in the past but it is forced to adopt Reddick’s current jersey number. I have never seen a throwback bobblehead’s accureacy changed like this before.

But I give them props for the spinning factor.

Stephen Curry Sharks bobblehead is a promotion that had to happen

The Sharks are in rebuilding mode. The excitement for this team and their run of success isn’t as high.

The Warriors on the other hand are on top of the world as champions.

So with the Bay Area love, we have the following promotion. It had to happen. The Sharks need the buzz. The Warriors right now can do no wrong. This move is no surprise. This promotion is exactly what we might be seeing more of with the Warriors and their Bay Area sports neighbors.

I want this bobblehead. It will probably cost a pretty penny on eBay.

National Bobblehead Day is pretty awesome

I am a bobblehead collector. I love bobbleheads. I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid when I got my first bobblehead in 2000. OK, I wasn’t a kid back then, but I sure felt like it. My favorite baseball player in a small figurine form with an enlarged head that would not stop bobbling.

I have about at least 50 bobbleheads in my collection. It’s not that big of a collection compared to others, but it’s still a good chunk of my money and time that went into collecting them. Most of the bobbleheads are baseball related and I don’t know if I will ever stop collecting them. In fact, I customize some on my free time.

Today is National Bobblehead Day and it coincides with the Kickstarter (see above) trying to get an official museum of bobbleheads constructed. What an amazing concept! For a collector like me, something like this would be amazing to see come to life.

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A bobblehead was shipped to me in a brown paper bag

Shipped in a paper bag.

I just won an eBay auction for a Catfish Hunter bobblehead. When I received it in the mail, the bobblehead was shipped in a brown paper bag.

The bobblehead came in its original box. But other than that, the entire thing was just shipped in a bag. No protection. No extra box. No packaging peanuts. Nothing.

Fortunately there was no damage, but this is the first time I have ever seen a bobblehead shipped this way. These things are fragile and can break easily if dropped once. Yet here we are.

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I just picked up the Cubs’ Babe Ruth bobblehead

The called shot.

Giving away a bobblehead commemorating the moment an opposing player swept you out of the World Series? Sure, the Cubs would do that.

Well, actually, this is a pretty cool bobblehead right here. You can debate whether or not the called shot happened, but it’s part of baseball history. It also happened at Wrigley Field and the 100-year anniversary wanted to celebrate that.

I just picked up the bobblehead and holding a piece of history in bobblehead form is pretty cool. Even though the bobblehead isn’t even of a Cubs player, it’s a great thing to have as a baseball fan.

I also have the Rick Monday bobblehead the Dodgers gave away so this isn’t the first time I did pick up a bobblehead like this. It’s pretty cool and I am glad I have this one now.

Inland Empire 66ers baseball was a pretty neat experience


I just got back from a game in San Bernadino to see the Inland Empire 66ers (Angels Single-A affiliate) take on the Visalia Rawhide (D-Backs Single-A affiliate). I had never been to this stadium before and I decided why not when my friend invited me. Plus there was a bobblehead giveaway.

The stadium was really small, but as you can see by the photos in the link above, the food was great. The experience is what I love about minor league parks. There are silly moments with fans, crazy sound bites from the PA system and the intimacy in small parks. I had a great time and I wouldn’t mind going again. And Adam Eaton was on rehab assignment, so I got to see him as well as some other prospects that could make the big leagues in a couple years.

But now that I am in the LA area, time to visit other minor league parks that are close by too. I love baseball. Good stuff!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Coco lean bobblehead wins the day


I tweeted this out on Monday but this needs to be shown again. After taking the A’s organization by storm, the Bernie Lean now is in Oakland form as the team unveils the bobblehead that features Coco Crisp and the dance itself.

It’s so silly and so Oakland that I am going to make sure I am at this game. Kids will love it. Adults will love it. It’s a great giveaway that everyone wants to get a piece of.

It’s not a bobblehead, it’s a bobble lean. It’s like the bobble belly, but better.

Cespedes for the Rest of Us bobblehead is going to be awesome!

The Oakland A’s have been announcing their upcoming promotions on their Twitter and this is probably the one I am most excited about.

The jersey is fine but the bobblehead is going to be a hot item. And the fact that the team is running with their “Cespedes for the Rest of Us” campaign for Yoenis is even better.

This has even got me excited. I know which game I’m going to!

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I want this Kareem Adbul-Jabbar bobblehead now!

Pretty sick bobblehead

Last night the Lakers finally granted Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s wish of having a statue of the Hall of Famer outside Staples Center.

But what’s more important is that they also gave out bobbleheads of Abdul-Jabbar to fans.

I want this bobblehead but looking on eBay, it’s expensive. Craig’s List is not much help either.

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