USA Curling and their sense of entitlement with Delta

This bothers me so much.

So many people are upset at Delta and labeling the USA Curling Team as victims. But no, they are wrong.

The curling team is acting with a sense of entitlement since they won gold, expecting freebies to be handed for them on a whim. They are wrong for this.

Delta may not actually have been able to bump people out of first class, but they should have done something in terms of a better response for good publicity.

Either way, it’s terrible that this is a story right now. Both are wrong. What a shame.

Do I enjoy curling because I am a baseball fan?

Great game and great pants.

My friend brought up the observation that all his friends who enjoy curling also happen to be big baseball fans. I fit under that category. But why is that?

Curling and baseball are two different sports. One is a summer game, the other is a winter game. One involves ice and the other involves grass. One is about striking a solid circular object, while the other one is about paving a path for one.

Ultimately, it could simply come down to two elements: placement and format.

The goal of curling is all about the placement of the rock. Much like baseball pitchers, location is so key to the success of the game. With the help of teammates framing the perfect location for the rock, it’s like a catcher setting up the strike zone for the pitcher. Both are a game of inches and there’s a lot of strategy that goes into it. None of it is rushed like basketball’s fast breaks, but it’s a calculated chess match where all the potential outcomes are in play.

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I really wish curling was a more popular sport in America

During the Winter Olympics in 2010, I was finally exposed to the rules of curling. I had known about the sport before from the movie “Help!” by The Beatles. (Here’s the clip).

Of course that clip taught me absolutely nothing about the sport. So when the Olympics came around, I was determined to learn about the rules of the game. After only watching a couple matches, I already got hooked.

The idea of the game is pretty simple. The team with the stones closest to the center of the target get points for the round. And at the end of the game, the team with the most points win.

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