What’s your preference: Autograph or photo?

Josh Donaldson’s autograph.

This past weekend I got a chance to get an autograph from Oakland A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson. Due to the amount of people lining up, there was no time for photos. A quick chat and a signed item was all I could get. I did shake his hand though.

It took me back a few years ago when the same thing happened. There was a huge line to meet Rickey Henderson. I was given the option to either take a photo with him or get an autograph. I opted for the autograph, but unfortunately I could only get a small placard of his face signed. In hindsight, the photo would have been better.

Which one is the better choice? I guess it really depends on who you are but these days, I’ve been leaning towards the photo. It’s personalized and in a way, it’s kind of proof that I was there for the specific event. Autographs are nice and hold more value, but in reality, the photo holds more memories.

I’ve been to enough sporting events on and off the field where I had the choice for either. Sometimes I go for the autograph just because a photo is too hard. But if a photo can be obtained, I forego the autograph to ensure I get the picture with the athlete. Plus I have frames at home that need to be used.

What do you prefer: the photo or the autograph?

49ers fans better check themselves before they wreck themselves on QB situation

Choose one. But don’t act a fool doing it.

This isn’t a generalization of 49ers fans, but I’ve seen enough of this to have an idea of what a portion of them are thinking.

In my three years as a 49ers beat writer, I got a chance to really see how 49ers think. I grew up a 49ers fan but not in the age of social media where everything can be easily expressed publicly. So for me in those three years, it became a learning experience.

I got a chance to see how these 49ers fans react to certain news and really get an idea of how being a fan has evolved over the years.

So when this “QB controversy” between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick arose, it became quite apparent to me that there are just some diehards out there that need to buckle up their┬áseat belts.

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There are three types of sports fans — which one are you?

Now this is a super crazy fan.

This past week I woke up in the middle of the night to watch the Oakland A’s play their first two regular season games in Japan.

It was not very smart for my health as my sleep schedule was thrown out of whack and I might have probably lost some muscle with my weird eating schedule.

But it was something I knew I’d do again if it came to it because I am a fan of the Oakland A’s. In fact, the A’s are the only team I think I can honestly say that I am a die-hard fan of. Baseball is my favorite sport and the A’s to me has become the team I invest the most time, money and effort in.

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