A new level of crazy in the football uniform department

Oh dear.

Saw this bit from UniWatch:

Carol City High School in Miami is going with this uniform set. As you can see, a full helmet headgear, block numbers, an Indian head on the front pants. This is way too much for my liking and with more high schools looking to get unique uniforms, I don’t expect this to be the last time we see something like this.

I’d like to see how this looks on the field buy judging by the picture, it won’t be pretty.

Sabbath puts end to Robert M. Beren Academy’s playoff run

I was watching Outside the Lines on ESPN today and they were talking about this very interesting story about a team forfeiting a playoff game because the start time of the game fell on the Sabbath.

Here’s the link to the story.

Since the game fell on the Sabbath and the team wanted to observe it, they have decided to forfeit the game. Their appeal to change the start time of the game was denied.

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