This is why I remain a Richard Sherman fan

I have been a Richard Sherman fan since his days at Stanford. During the Bay Area pro day, I said that he would be a steal in the draft.

Since then, he has been nothing but phenomenal in the league. His antics, his loudmouth, I don’t care. It’s really just him being him and the league just can’t handle it. He backs it up and I like it.

This just happened today. He trolls the league hard. He trolls the media hard. He and Doug Baldwin send a message of hypocrisy. I love it. I want more of it. Sherman is good for business.

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Who’s at fault for the overexposure of Tim Tebow: the media or the audience?

Darren Rovell of ESPN tweeted this out and I have to disagree. He of course works for the company that gave us Jets campout last year, a Tim Tebow birthday party and engulfed our screen with his name 137 times at last night.

I highly doubt us, the audience, wanted that. In fact, we want none of it.

Listen, there is intrigue about him. I understand that, but not to the level of what ESPN has given us. In fact, any outlet is at fault. I mean, what is CNN doing at Patriots camp today?

The media keeps feeding us Tebow. The people just want an appetizer of him, but the media forces a 10-course meal. So I don’t understand how it’s the audience’s fault. They influenced it, but the media can limit it.

Basketball Talk apparently still not giving Klay Thompson, Warriors any kind of respect

Shame on Basketball Talk.

More than half the league teams are not in the playoffs, so the amount of players names to cover are significantly decreased. And oh, Klay Thompson was the star of the game. No excuse not to spell his name right.

(Ironically, the writer’s name is spelled with a “K” and sometimes can also be spelled with a “C”. Ironic, yeah?)

Secondly, read the article and look at the last line. Somehow, someway, Thompson had 29 points in the first half (correct) and ended the night with 24 total points (apparently you can lose points).

Seriously, it just appears that they don’t care enough to get his name or stats right.

Is Ron Artest the writer here?

Tim Tebow, Jason Collins and that comic that misrepresents the media

Is this right?

A couple of my friends brought this comic to my attention this past week. I’ve seen it before but I didn’t think much of it. It was stupid and it misrepresented what the media has done in their coverage of Tim Tebow and Jason Collins. But my friends’ reactions to the comic is what concerned me because their reaction in a way believed that the comic told the truth. Or in a sense, that there was a convoluted difference between the two.

Here’s the thing. Jason Collins coming out is nothing¬†ordinary. He is a pioneer, if you want to use that word. He was brave, a hero, if you want to use those words. Whatever you want to call it, he was the first to do something that we knew eventually would happen. It just took one person to get the ball rolling. He did. With all that prejudice that comes with being a gay athlete, it’s an intriguing storyline and it’s worth covering.

In a way, the media in what I have seen, has covered it the way it should have. They’ve gotten reactions from gay people. They’ve gotten reactions from former teammates. The discussion for the most part has been good and the media has done well in it. There have been some mistakes here and there, but the media did exactly right in my opinion on covering it. (And the for the most part, it used the right words and reactions to it also.)

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