Who needs NFL ugly sweaters when you can get the NHL ones?

NHL ugly sweaters are here for you to buy!

Remember when the NFL ugly sweaters were introduced and it got a lot of attention? Well if you’re a hockey fan, these NHL sweaters might be a better fit for you.

Unfortunately, they only have the sweaters for the Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Red Wings, Flyers and Penguins. It isn’t known if the rest of the league will be included and they are $59.99 each for pre-order.

What do you think? Check the rest of the sweaters right here.

What should I do with this rare, factory error Oakland A’s cap

Yesterday I was a the Coliseum and I saw this cap at one of the kiosks at the stadium. I asked the vendor about it and she said that New Era had a factory error in which they accidentally used the gold lettering instead of the white lettering for the A’s logo. This one was the only one they had a mistake on, making it a one of a kind cap.

It’s 7 7/8¬† (not my size) and I have no need for it. But because it was rare and it was an on-field cap, I bought it anyway. Something so rare could be worth something in the open market.

Now I am to wonder what I should do with it. Keep it for my own personal amusement or sell it? I would assume there is a market for this kind of stuff, but it would be hard due to the size. Maybe I’ll put it on eBay. I’ll have to think about it.

How much would you pay for Reggie Jackson’s three-homer jersey?

If I ever played sports, I would keep all the memorable jerseys, equipment and other¬†paraphernalia. But for Reggie Jackson, he’s selling off the jersey he wore during the greatest moment in his career.

But Jackson is selling it for charity and that’s a great thing. And whatever value this jersey sells for, it will be a lot of money going to a good cause. For that I commend him. If this reaches $10,000 or more, that would be great!