Fans are still bitter that the River Cats sold themselves to the Giants

Now that it’s official, the River Cats have announced their new affiliation with the Giants. Much like last time, the Twitter reaction was not nice and NSFW.

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Sacramento River Cats end affiliation with Oakland Athletics and Twitter explodes with anger

The Sacramento River Cats are ending their ties with the Oakland Athletics. The Triple-A team had been with the A’s for 15 years. It is believed that the popularity of the San Francisco Giants and their fan base would be better than what the current situation is with the A’s, despite the already high attendance numbers.

So in essence, this was a move by the River Cats to jump on the Giants bandwagon and abandon the A’s. At least, that’s how some people on Twitter are in reacting to this news. Some of the language is NSFW.

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Rapper The Game plays minor league baseball

The Stockton Ports minor league team tweeted out their starting lineup and quickly deleted it after realizing they didn’t tweet the right photo. Instead of tweeting an image of the starting lineup, they tweeted the tracklist to West Coast gangster rapper The Game’s sophomore album.

I don’t know how you can mess that up, but for a moment there, I was kind of hoping that The Game was playing minor league ball.

Here was the image they tweeted out.

That’s not a starting lineup.

This is the corrected tweet.


California League’s 66ers get an overhaul

Truth. What I liked about the previous set was their simple colors of red, white and blue and their logo. But this one is just so different, I don’t know if it works out well enough for me to like. I better stock up on the old 66ers gear before they’re gone.

The Logo Asylum

This one hits close to home as I’ve lived in the IE (Inland Empire for my non-Southern California friends) for all my life. Growing up near Pomona (home of the NHRA’s Winternationals, Finals and Hot Rod Museum), I’ve been immersed into car-culture since I was little. Pops was one of the founder of the “STYLE” car club in the 70’s and ended up in one of the pages of LowRider Magazine; my Uncle was a Super Comp driver for many years and Pops, Uncle and my Grandpa all painted cars on the side. While I never took up the family hobby, I’ve been around the So Cal Hot Rod scene for as long as I can remember…

So what does that have to do with the 66ers? Well, our friends at Brandiose knocked out a new logo series for the team. I was excited to hear they were going to base the…

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Inland Empire 66ers baseball was a pretty neat experience


I just got back from a game in San Bernadino to see the Inland Empire 66ers (Angels Single-A affiliate) take on the Visalia Rawhide (D-Backs Single-A affiliate). I had never been to this stadium before and I decided why not when my friend invited me. Plus there was a bobblehead giveaway.

The stadium was really small, but as you can see by the photos in the link above, the food was great. The experience is what I love about minor league parks. There are silly moments with fans, crazy sound bites from the PA system and the intimacy in small parks. I had a great time and I wouldn’t mind going again. And Adam Eaton was on rehab assignment, so I got to see him as well as some other prospects that could make the big leagues in a couple years.

But now that I am in the LA area, time to visit other minor league parks that are close by too. I love baseball. Good stuff!

Minor leaguer Jeremy Barfield is an advocate for baggy pants in baseball

This is an interesting bit because as a player himself, he knows more than I do about comfort and style in the game. But I don’t know if this photo from 1995 is that offensive. Nobody in this photo are wearing leotard type pants. In fact, they all have some looseness to them and there seems to be enough wiggle room for mobility.

Considering that ballplayers used to wear baggier pants, I guess that is what he’s going for. But is what we see in this photo that bad? It’s not this.

But I hope he’s not advocating for Brian McCann. Or this…

Wait, what? A urinal video game at a ballpark?

So this was brought to my attention this morning. The Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs are going to install a urinal video game. I was confused as to what that was, so the above video helped me understand a little.

Minor League teams have always done weird, interesting things to get the attention of their fans. I like that about them. But this? Does peeing have to be an adventure?

Apparently so. Attracting the kids or the adults for that matter with this is very strange and I am sure the team could spend the money wisely on other things. But then again, it looks fun. Probably this encourages people to stay hydrated, which is always a good thing.

The Sacramento River Cats will fine you if you misspell their name

The Sacramento River Cats minor league team sent out a press release to the media warning them of the common misspellings of their name. In the press release, a $1 fine will be imposed (in which the money will be donated to charity) if the team catches a misspelling of their name.

There are exceptions such as quick written notes, Twitter mentions and text messages. But spelling the team name RiverCats, Rivercats rivercats or River cats is unacceptable. Check out the release in the tweet above.

Good for the team for taking charge in this. But my only problem is that I have been spelling it RiverCats for the longest time because, well, quite frankly, their logo sure appears that way.

It’s River Cats. The kerning doesn’t tell me that though.

Minor League Baseball Team Introduces Bacon-Shell Taco To Menu

This just doesn’t seem right… or healthy.

Stockton Ports unveil new kick-asparagus Friday uniform set

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The Stockton Ports (Oakland A’s Single-A affiliate) unveiled today their Friday home uniforms that takes a piece of their town’s culture as well as a slight detour from their current set.

As you can see, they’ve adopted some kind of Popeye like character, which also is completely different from their current mascot Splash.

But going along with the theme of silly looking logos on minor league baseball baseball uniforms, the Ports did just that with their Popeye look and their asparagus ways.

Asparagus? Oh you didn’t know the town has an annual asparagus festival? Now you do.

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