My life-changing mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico

From July 22-28, I joined my home church on a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico. This was my first time on a mission trip and my first time in Mexico. I didn’t go into this trip with many expectations since I wanted to experience this without high or low hopes. It ended up being a trip with a lot of challenges, lots of changed plans on the fly but also rewarding to be able to serve the children of the city.

My perception of a mission trip (along what is most commonly understood) is that a church group will go into a different country and spread their Gospel message to those who don’t know it. This trip was slightly different. We were partnered up with a sister church in the city so the foundation of sharing the Bible was already established. But in a sense, the seed was already planted. We were just there to water.

The trip consisted of serving the children and orphans of this small little area in Ensenada. The ages ranged from four years to preteens. The plan was to offer the children a week of VBS, which is essentially a week of Christian-based activities such as skits, crafts and games. It was a very simple week but there were plenty of challenges that came along the way.

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Please support me and my church on my mission trip to Mexico

Please help support this BTTF fan in his mission trip.

From July 22-28, I will be going on a mission trip to Mexico with my church (Trinity Church of the Nazarene). On this mission trip I will join my church’s youth (teenagers) group to provide a week of Vacation Bible School (a Christian summer program) to the kids at an orphanage in Ensenada. Along with Azusa Pacific University and our sister church Iglesia Luz y Poder Ministerios Cristo Vive, we will facilitate arts & crafts, activities and games with the kids. Ultimately, our goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus through many different activities, songs of worship and through authentic relationships.

This is my first time on a mission trip and first time going to Mexico. And as a leader for our youth group on the trip, I know God wants me to not only lead the kids but also lead our youth in faith as well. I feel God wants to use my passion and talents here for the kids. I am excited to go and grow!

How can you support us? First and foremost, please pray for me, my team and the kids at the orphanage. Prayer is the most powerful thing we have and I believe that with prayer, we can be filled with the spirit of God to reach these kids with the Gospel.

Additionally, we are looking for financial support. The financial goal I need to raise for the trip is $100 and it is likely that I will easily reach that. However, any amount I receive over the $100 goal will go towards the mission budget. That extra money goes towards more supplies, more food, more resources and potentially many more things the Lord can bless us with.

Would you like to support us?

Thank you and God bless you! God is good!


**To make a financial donation: Donate online here (make sure to select Mission-Youth2Mexico)

Hit me up if you have any questions!

Paula Deen Compares Herself To “That Black Football Player” Michael Sam

Will she ever learn?

Joe Montana's Right Arm


Embattled cooking impresario Paula Deen may have stepped in it again on Wednesday when she compared her plight to that of Michael Sam – the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Deen, whose career took a rapid nosedive after revealing she used the N-word during her lifetime, is still trying to repair her image after the transgression.

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Thank you and farewell, Nelson Mandela

I think one of the things that inspires me about Nelson Mandela is that he constantly saw the good in people. Even though he was mistreated, he believed that there was good in people despite hate. He believed that we all deserve to be together without separation.

His impact to not only his country, but the world continues to grow today. It’s a reminder for us that we live in a world of hope and love. It’s just hard to find it sometimes, but if you believe it, it will be achieved.

The above video is one of many reasons why Mandela is so inspiring.

Rest in peace, Madiba. Thank you.

The story of my fascination with JFK’s assassination

John F. Kennedy

Today marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and even though I was born more than two decades after the incident, the event itself still resonates with me.

I know that even though I didn’t live through it, something about it still captures me about it. it isn’t just the incident itself, but the aftermath of it and how it still affects us today.

Am I a conspiracy theorists that thinks Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone? Was it an inside job? Did the driver shoot JFK? I don’t know. And that adds on to the fascination with me.

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The reason why this blog exists

As you may know, the blog’s name is inspired by a common cliche that athletes use whenever giving interviews.

Key & Peele captured the silliness of it all in this sketch this did the other week. These cliches inspired me to start the blog and write about sports and the things that happen outside of sports, including these interviews.

It’s perfect. Enjoy your weekend.

Interactive: This Is How Much Money Twitter Owes You

So my Twitter account holds $1,892 in value. Give me my money!

Serge Ibaka Was Prince Akeem from Coming to America For Halloween

This is most glorious!

75 Best Halloween Sports Pumpkins [PHOTOS]

How’s this for creativity?

Oh Yeezus, did Kanye and Kim just put a curse on AT&T Park?

AT&T Park is a beautiful place for baseball. Inside and outside, it’s a very modern and very exciting place to be for a baseball game. The Giants won two titles while playing here and it’s still a very popular place to go.

But now with the news of Kanye West proposing to Kim Kardashian at the stadium, is this place cursed forever?

Obviously I am not serious about it, but now the stadium’s image is changed forever. For the non-sports fan, that’s how they will remember the stadium. For sports fans, they can’t shake off their friends talking about Kimye. Forever unclean!

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