The Braves and their poor usage of the hashtag #ThePenIsMightier

What a very unfortunate hashtag.

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The Braves-Athletics 1914 throwbacks this upcoming weekend looks promising

I love throwback games. And when they are done right, they are a great sight to behold. In fact, this could be a very visually-pleasing affair. I’m all for it!

Now I know the story of the two guys that ran with Hank Aaron on his historical record-breaking night

I could have looked this up years ago, but it was nice to see this video. I had always wanted to know what the deal was with the two guys. I thought it was cool that two fans ran on to the field to congratulate him.

So cool. So awesome. Something like this will never happen in baseball again.


Braves wear throwback uniforms to honor Hank Aaron

Braves wear throwback uniforms to honor Hank Aaron

I love everything the Braves are doing to honor this great milestone.

Atlanta Braves avoid PR nightmare with new modified batting practice caps

New Braves batting practice cap.

New Braves batting practice cap.

Remember when the new batting practice caps were released and the Atlanta Braves got a lot of heat for their design?

It appears that the pressure to change the cap got to the team and they will not be going with the original design. Instead, they are going with the simple “A” logo for their batting practice cap.

This was something that a lot of people expected but until we actually saw it, it was just a lot of wondering whether or not the Braves would avoid potential disaster.

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A different perspective on the Atlanta Braves BP cap: It’s not offensive at all

Is this racist?

It’s always been hard for me to really find a point of opinion when it comes to Native American names and image usage in sports. With the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and a ton more college teams using such names and logos, I want to feel that maybe we should put an end to it.

But then there are so many times when the Native Americans themselves say that it’s OK. For example, the Florida Seminoles have gained approval from the tribe themselves, so if they’re not offended, why should I be?

This comes on to this week’s latest buzz about the new batting practice cap for the Atlanta Braves, which revives a throwback logo and people are starting to talk again about it being racist. And to me, I think it does go along those lines. However, after reading this opinion piece, I’m starting to think a little different.

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Chipper Jones tweets his thoughts on who killed John F. Kennedy

The great thing about Twitter is that it allows numerous people to publicly share their thoughts on anything. And just a few moments ago, recently retired baseball player Chipper Jones tells everybody that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have killed John F. Kennedy.

(He’s been on record about this before.)

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So what is the infield fly rule exactly? We’ll never know

You explain this to me.

The infield fly rule is to prevent an infield from intentionally dropping a pop up to start a double play. But as you can tell, that ball was in in the infield. And the ball wasn’t intentionally dropped. It fell because of the fielder’s error. And with the umpire giving such a late call on the fly rule, we had angry fans tossing beer bottles onto the field.

Whatever explanation MLB sends us, it will not make any sense. The fact that this was one of the worst calls in league history, it led to two outs and the Braves were unable to build on their rally.

But I do look forward to whatever explanation MLB gives as to why the Braves protest was denied or how they explain the rule — a rule they don’t even know.

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Please vote for Chipper Jones to make the All-Star team

Let’s get Jones one last spotlight for the national audience.

As you know, I am very critical of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. It’s the voting and the fact that the game affects the playoffs that really irritates me. But it’s not all that bad.

There are a lot of good things about the All-Star Game and I hope that the fans allow for one more great moment to happen with the Final Vote.

In the National League, it appears to be a two-man race between veteran Chipper Jones and rookie Bryce Harper. Both have great appeal to the national audience and either would be great selections. But the vote should go to Jones.

Jones has announced that this would be his final season in the big leagues and with a tremendous Hall of Fame career, it would appropriate for the fans to vote him in and give him a farewell. For this one selection, I don’t care if this game “counts”.

I’ve always loved how Jones has played throughout his career and he is one of the reasons why I fell in love with baseball. He deserves this.

To vote for Jones, visit and you can vote multiple times. Deadline is Thursday at 1PM PT.

Just picked up the best bobblehead giveaway this year

I didn’t go to the game yesterday to get it, but a friend who did go to the game bought it off someone for $10. These are going for about $50 on eBay right now. Sweet!

This slide to me is one of the moments that helped me become a baseball fan. I didn’t even see it live when I was a kid but thanks to all those highlight reels, it’s embedded in me.

And what makes this so cool is that it’s really three bobbleheads. I have never seen a bobblehead giveaway done so well, but here we are. It’s pretty sweet I must say. I should get it in the mail at the end of the week. Can’t wait!

What a cool bobblehead.