20 years ago today: Cal Ripken saved baseball by becoming the new Iron Man

I was nine when this day happened. I didn’t even know much about baseball, let alone the league had a strike that season. I remember my P.E. teacher talking about it and telling us to go home and watch the game because it was important. I didn’t know why it was important. I didn’t even watch it.

It happened. I saw a newspaper clip about it and that’s it.

Twenty years later, I look back at this moment and smile. I am a huge baseball fan now. Way bigger than what I was 20 years ago. I didn’t start getting into baseball until 1998 and that was when we had the big home run chase by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. So by then, the moment had passed.

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Thinking of the city of Baltimore

I’ve been watching the news and just watching the devastation to the city of Baltimore. The pain in the voices of those who feel betrayed is haunting. The unnecessary violence on the streets is frightening. What should be a time of recovery has turned into a time of fear.

As a sports writer, I have to see how the sports world is reacting to this and for the most part it’s been very good. I like the decision made by the Orioles to postpone the first two games of their series against the White Sox and then to just play the last game without any distractions. At this point, the league knows they have to get these games in and doing them without risking the safety and common sense of the whole situation is well done.

Still, it’s terrifying to see this happen. It happened not too long ago with Ferguson. It will continue going on when another injustice arises and the trust of the public is betrayed. For a country built on freedom and the product of the best melting pot of different people, we still can’t seem to find a way to care for one another and love one another. Instead, these injustices seem to happen. And even when something may or may not have been done wrong, our reaction and the decision to riot destroys and kind of fairness to each other. I pray for this to end, but I fear that we haven’t learned a thing yet. Violence in reaction to violence is never the answer.


Lids and their poor-timing Manny Machado ad

Lids put out this tweet advertising Manny Machado and his comeback. (It was also put on their Facebook.) This comeback, I assume, is in reference to the season-ending injury he suffered last season.

But of course, if you mention Manny Machado’s name, the thing that pops up to your mind was his stupidity from last weekend.

Temper tantrums. Evil smiles. Throwing bats at people. That’s what comes to mind.

So is it a comeback from the five-game suspension that he was handed for all that?

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What’s up with Manny Machado?

What a very strange weekend between the Oakland Athletics and the Baltimore Orioles.

On Friday, Manny Machado from the Orioles lost his cool after being tagged out by Josh Donaldson. There was no logical reason for him to lose his temper.

Later on that game, Donaldson was then hit by a pitch. That may have been the Orioles’ form of retaliation even though it appeared Donaldson did nothing wrong in tagging out Machado.

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I hope Adam Jones gets a chance to dropkick a fan running onto the field

I agree with what he said. He’s right. Fans running onto the field causing a delay is stupid. They could be dangerous and we have seen it before. The anger and frustration is justifiable.

Of course, there is a fine line as to what fans can and can’t do when running onto the field. Even yesterday I was talking about how cool it was when those two fans ran onto the field to congratulate Hank Aaron. I love it when fans storm the field or court after a huge upset win in sports.

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Orioles may have the best anniversary patch I’ve ever seen


The Baltimore Orioles will wear this anniversary patch this upcoming season. It is gorgeous. It may be the best anniversary patch in the history of anniversary patches. Well, maybe not, but this is really nice.

  • The simple “60” in the team’s current number font
  • The first and current year are balanced out with the corresponding team logo
  • The balance of orange, black and white gives it a real nice touch
  • The home plate is simple but very effective
  • The three stars for their three World Series titles
  • The simple script on top (even though they’ve never used it before)

This will look amazing on their jerseys. I applaud you!

Now we know who threw that banana at Adam Jones and it’s even more confusing

Yesterday, this happened.

And now we know who did it. His name is Alexander Poulides.

And as you can read from the story, it’s very, very confusing.

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Modell’s Thinks Trayvon Robinson, Not Brooks Robinson, Is In Cooperstown

Come on!

I was not that impressed with Ichiro’s matrix scoring play last night

Matt Wieters didn’t block the plate.

I finally got around to watching the “matrix” scoring playing from Ichiro that everyone is talking about. It takes some kind of special athlete to be heads up and to be that swift to the plate. But the praise for Ichiro on this play needs to tone down a bit.

As impressive as this play was, it’s actually aided by one of the worst mental blunders catchers frequently make.

When a runner is trying to score, catchers are taught to block the plate. Their goal is to get in the way of the runner so they can’t score. Wieter’s first attempt to tag Ichiro was not textbook. But I’ll let Wieters slide on this one since he was off the plate receiving the ball.

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