Adam LaRoche, White Sox are both right in this clubhouse situation

Adam LaRoche’s son Drake has been at the White Sox clubhouse every day during spring. He is homeschooled so that allows him to be with his father as much as he wants. Adam was given permission to have his son at camp every day. It’s not common to have a family member have unlimited access, but it seemed that Drake’s presence was not a disturbance to the team.

General manager Kenny Williams thought that maybe this unlimited access was too much and asked Adam about reducing it in half. Instead of the two trying to compromise, LaRoche retired.

I have given this some thought and I think both are right.

For starters, LaRoche is family first so if he felt that his son was disrespected, he felt that he did what was right. If he couldn’t see his son daily at work, then leaving work was the right choice for him.

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White Sox wearing 1983 throwbacks for Sunday home games

These uniforms are coming back for one season.

The Chicago White Sox are going the throwback route again. After wearing their 1972 throwbacks all of last season, they’ll don the 1983 set for their Sunday home games.

This time period takes back to one of the team’s most successful seasons. The team won 99 games but lost in the ALCS. But regardless, this is a great money grab for the fans and it brings back a uniform set that was not the best, but still beloved in the town.

The red, white and blue look along with the player number on the pants is a unique look in itself. Numbers on the pants isn’t something new to baseball, but I think the White Sox wore it best. It somehow matched the perfect time period of strange uniforms and crazy ideas.

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