MLB’s Facebook page went full Chinese

The battle of the 2009 draft prospects — in Chinese!

Before realizing the oddity of it all and deleting it, Major League Baseball’s Facebook page posted the above update. It is about the upcoming matchup between the Nationals and Red, featuring Stephen Strasburg and Billy Hamilton. Both were products of the 2009 draft and now they face off.

Of course, there were lots of confusion as to why the entire post was posted in Chinese. Was this an error by MLB in an attempt to write something in Chinese but posting it in the wrong place?

The entry was deleted shortly thereafter but for a couple minutes it was very odd to see MLB post something that was completely out of the ordinary and something that I could read (well, most of it.)

No-hitters are still special even though they’ve become too frequent

Baseball is a children’s game and celebrations like these are priceless.

Since the beginning of the 2010 season, Major League Baseball has had 17 no-hitters, including the one thrown by Homer Bailey tonight.

In this day and age, no-hitters are much more frequent. But it still is a beautiful thing to see. I enjoy it more when the celebration following is just so joyful. The hugs, the pies, the Gatorade showers. Those are the things that really make these things fun.

Despite power numbers growing and hitters getting smarter, it’s still a pitcher’s game and this is why the dominance has continued in these past few seasons. And every time I see it, it’s pretty fun and brings me back to the joys of this beautiful game.

Are the Reds getting flojo with their “LOS ROJOS” jerseys?

If this is true, pure cop-out. This has got to be another sign of stupid laziness.

And this is a shame because Major League Baseball has done pretty well in this department. There has only been one team to my knowledge that has gone “LOS” and that’s the Mets.

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Memorial Day gave a few MLB teams the opportunity to go throwback

Yesterday was Memorial Day and part of MLB’s new promotion, every team wore their new Stars & Stripes caps. These caps took the team’s current caps and added a camouflage touch to it. I think they’re OK but since all proceeds of sales of these caps go to charities helping war veterans, I’m totally fine with it.

Basically for these caps, it’s not a major change to the design unlike caps of the previous years.

But one unique thing about these caps is that since the camouflage design is only logo-based, teams with multiple caps had all their caps re-designed. For example, teams like the Indians have four different caps, meaning all four got the camouflage treatment.

And for some teams, that gave them an opportunity to go a little throwback with their caps on Monday.

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