I am so happy the Astros won the World Series

After the Yuli Gurriel drama, I was compelled to change my pick to the Dodgers. But I had chosen the Astros for three reasons.

  1. My American League loyalty
  2. My NorCal loyalty
  3. I like cheering for teams who need to end droughts

So based on that, I was sticking with the Astros. And even though Game 7 didn’t have a fantastic finish, this series as a whole was amazing. We had home runs and comebacks and epic finishes. It was exactly what we needed to see. It was the perfect series.

We witnessed an all-time great series and I am just relieved that I was able to be alive when  it all happened.

Yuli Gurriel’s racists gesture and finding forgiveness among the immersion of two cultures

I’m angry. I’m upset. I want to punch Yuli Gurriel in the face. Mocking someone for their physical appearance because of a stereotype is not going to fly in this country.

But I know that my anger and desire to hurt him will not solve anything.

Last night, when Gurriel made a slanted eye gesture and called Yu Darvish (who is Japanese) a Chinito (little Chinese boy), it was clear to many that it was not acceptable. But that was many people, not all people, who found something wrong with it.

There are the people that think America is getting too PC and that it’s an overreaction to something minor. Others are contending that Latin culture features these kinds of remarks and actions all the time and it’s normalized. Using these terms and actions is so common and it’s pretty apparent that Gurriel is just doing what he was so used to growing up.

The problem is that he isn’t back home in Cuba. He is in America. And after all the problems with what we had with disrespect this season (two suspension for homophobic slurs, racist slurs thrown at O’s OF Adam Jones), the league has been on high alert on the way people and fans are being treated.

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Houston Astros’ navy alternates are nice

I am so glad that the Astros are keeping their tequila sunrise side panels on these new alternates. They matched their old spring training jersey but I think the wordmark across the chest works better than just the logo on one side.

I also think that because this uniform doesn’t have a headspoon like the other jerseys, it works well. It doesn’t need to be there as it would take away too much from the side panel.

The caps are also a very nice touch. It isn’t a surprise that they went this route. They already have an all orange cap, an all navy cap and a navy cap with an orange brim. Now they’ve filled out the other possible option. It’s simple. It’s nice. It will work well with any uniform combination they wear. Good choice.

Unwritten rules lead to hard feelings in Astros-A’s game

Unwritten rules lead to hard feelings in Astros-A’s game

I agree with this. If it’s a 7-run lead late in the game, you don’t bunt. But it was the first inning and the shift was on. The Astros could still come back and win the game. Or maybe the Astros don’t believe in themselves and got all angry at themselves.

Hat Club releases limited Houston Astros concept caps for public sale

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A few weeks ago, I came across this post on the New Era forums. Apparently this was a concept for the new Houston Astros uniforms in the mid 1970s. Obviously the team never wore these but Hat Club got wind of it and started reproducing them. Now the caps are not just in-store, but also are on sale on their site as of last week.

This is the first time to my knowledge a manufacturer has produced a cap for a concept that never made it to the field. We’ve had issues with caps being recalled for political correctness reasons, but this is a first.

What’s really neat about this cap design that it actually is very 1970s and I actually like it. All three caps are available for sale on the site and I might cop the home version. Aside from the stitching on the white panel and the NE logo on the side, the underbrim is green which is pretty historically accurate.

Which one do you like the best? This, this, or this?

New Houston Astros uniform set isn’t bad, but could be better

The new look Astros!

The Houston Astros unveiled their new team identity this Friday and for the most part, it was what we expected. Of course, there had been leaks here and there but seeing them officially gave me a pretty unique feeling about it.

For one thing, I like it when teams take a little bit of their past history into their current identity. But maybe these Astros could have taken from another part of their past. However, this new set is refreshing to the eyes.

The only problem I have with it is that despite it being simple, it’s too generic. It just seems like any other baseball uniform out there with the generic text and template. For a team trying to so hard to emphasize the “NASA” aspect of their identity, space travel seems so boring if we look at their uniform.

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Uniforms for Cinco de Mayo done right and wrong

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I am actually OK with teams adding a Spanish flavor to their jerseys for certain occasions. In fact, I encourage it. But if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right.

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the San Francisco Giants (see slideshow above) show us how to do it right. They have the correct translation and since they’ve done this before, they know how to do it

The Houston Astros on the other hand, just added “Los” to the jersey. I don’t know what the translation of Astros in Spanish would be, but they have to have at least made a better effort.

** And on a side note, I think the Marlins wore their road gray jerseys for only the third time all year last night. I think it’s their best look. The white lettering across the chest really brings out the colors.