The Angels’ encouragement of the #LightWave on the Athletics is pretty pathetic

Last night, the Angels encouraged their fans to do a #LightWave during the game.

What is that? Apparently it’s asking fans to use their lights on their phones to distract the opposing batter. It happened last night when Stephen Vogt was at the plate with the bases loaded. And fans followed through on that. It started last month and it’s just silly.

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Caps in rival team colors: Is it good or bad?

Yesterday I shared this photo on my Facebook. Is it OK for these to exist?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. In fact, it’s been around a while. I’ve seen Giants caps in A’s colors. Dodgers caps in Giants colors. I’ve seen Yankees caps in Red Sox colors. It exists and it doesn’t look right.

The main reason is for fashion. If a person wants to wear green one day and an Angels cap, the cap above works. Even though it mixes in a rival’s colors, it aesthetically works. But is it right?

How much are we sacrificing for fashion? You’ll never catch me wearing an A’s cap in Giants colors. It just doesn’t work. If I have to wear some black and orange cap, I guess I’ll go with the Orioles.

But I suppose since the A’s are the only team in baseball that wears green, that option is limited for some.

Am I too vulgar or is security too sensitive at Angel Stadium?

Too offensive?

Check out the image on the right. That’s a bag that I got a long time ago after I moved down to Southern California. Since I am not an Angels fan, I modified it and have been using it since. I bring it to many sporting events I go to, including back to Angel Stadium when the Oakland Athletics come into town. While going through the gates, security has never given me any issue about it. But last night, they finally stopped me.

After checking inside my bag (all I had was my glove inside) they looked at the writing and said I couldn’t bring that in. I thought they were joking until they had me move to the side and a second security person looked at it. They told me that they weren’t joking and that the bag could not be brought in.

I suggested that I turn it inside out and they said that would be OK for me to enter.

But how come my bag was not acceptable?

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Missed marketing opportunity for the A’s this weekend

How come I didn’t see these for sale at the Coliseum? Did I miss it?

I was at the Coliseum on Saturday for their 1969 throwback game. It was a beautiful uniform matchup and the A’s won. It was a great day at the park.

One thing that I did notice was that when i was at the team store, the cap that the A’s wore that day were not for sale. In fact, I saw no traces of the cap anywhere. The team had throwback shirts, but none of the cap.

This is a strange situation since one would assume that having the cap available on the day they wear that specific cap would be a great marketing opportunity. More merchandise sales on a cap that would have been a popular buy and the A’s don’t do it.

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Albert Pujols’ latest injury is a lesson on how not to overspend

Albert Pujols is on the DL with a tear to his plantar fascia ligament in the left foot. He could be out for the remainder of the season.

At the age of 33, he still has eight years and $212 million left on his 10-year, $240-million contract.

And now in hindsight, the Angels might have to be wondering whether or not signing Pujols to that kind of a contract was a good idea.

When the Angels first signed him, I was concerned about how much the slugger had left in him. Considering that he had to adjust to a new league and he was already entering his “twilight” years as a professional, the contract was way too high.

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Angels move Mike Trout back into the leadoff spot, bat Josh Hamilton second

It’s getting worse for the Angels right now. As an A’s fan, I am fine with that. But with so much talent, they are struggling so much.

I was part of the longest game in Oakland A’s history but couldn’t stay to the very end

Last night (or early this morning) was a crazy game between the A’s and Angels. I would have stayed for all 19 innings. But I had a bus to catch at midnight to get right back to LA for work. So unfortunately, I was unable to watch the entire game.

But once I got on the bus, I was able to listen to it on my MLB At Bat app. The reception wasn’t so good but I had just enough juice to catch Brandon Moss’ walk-off homer.

It came at a price with some injuries, but this might be the kind of win that gets the team back on track.

Josh Hamilton’s arrival in Anaheim won’t make Angels that much better

Josh Hamilton brings a lot of potential and disaster to Anaheim. Why am I using an outdated photo?

So if this does come to pass, for a reported $125 million, the Angels would appear to have put themselves in a position to win the AL West. But wasn’t that something we said last season? Exactly and the Angels finished in third place.

Hamilton’s signing brings pop to the lineup and with his familiarity with the division, will actually contribute. But you have to remember that last year with the signing of Albert Pujols, the Angels lineup had no protection. Vernon Wells was washed up and Torii Hunter was declining. Mike Trout was the only consistent bright spot in that roster. Mark┬áTrumbo had his moments but that lineup wasn’t all that.

Their lineup this season is slightly better, but they can be shut down by good pitching. We all saw it last year. It can be done.

Adding Hamilton will bring some consistency but the ultimate issue with the Angels is their pitching.

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Mocking Albert Pujols is OK in my book

Since joining the Angels, Albert Pujols is now the enemy to me. He plays for a division rival and I don’t want to see him succeed.

The fans of the St. Louis Cardinals probably feel the same way after seeing their star slugger leave. But guess what? The Cardinals are a win away from the World Series while the Angels finished in third place in their division.

Cue up the creative signs! This is from Game 3. Well done sir!

Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera: Who is my AL MVP?

Which of these two will win the AL MVP?

This is a very simple debate with a complicated answer. Who would I choose as my AL MVP?

The two candidates are the phenom Mike Trout and the power horse Miguel Cabrera. Both put up great numbers and in any other year, their numbers would be enough to make them the runaway winner.

But since both are having monster years at the same time, it’s hard.

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