What a career, Ichiro!

It’s actually pretty hard for me to put into thoughts on Ichiro’s career. He’s now in the front office and likely will play a couple more games next year when the Mariners visit Japan. After that, I think it’s officially over for him.

But with today’s news, I still can’t help but reflect on all the times I saw him play live when the Mariners came to Oakland. I knew I was in the presence of greatness. This once-in-a-lifetime talent was bigger than what I could have imagined.

He had speed. He could hit. He had an arm. He had power. He had it all. And every time I saw him play I was just amazed at what he would end up doing.

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Ichiro’s 3,000th MLB hit was just so Ichiro

This is Ichiro.

His power was unassuming. Yet here he is nearly driving the ball over the wall for his 3,000th MLB hit. He sped around the bases for a triple. Of course he would.

He didn’t over-celebrate. His teammates hugged him and he tipped his cap to the fans.

But this is the Ichiro we knew. Of course he’d leg out a stand up triple for the milestone. How else would Ichiro do it? What another great accomplishment to the greatest hitter (you can debate that) this league has ever seen.

Marlins bring back gray jersey, put orange caps in closet

Jose Reyes was on the Marlins the last time the team wore gray jerseys during a season.

Thanks to the tip from Chris Creamer, we have some big uniform news regarding the Miami Marlins. Marlins team president David Samson said that the Marlins will wear the gray jerseys a lot more this year and the team will likely go exclusively with the black caps.

In terms of their uniforms, Samson said the team will likely go exclusively with its black caps, although the red-orange caps are popular among fans.

Regarding the uniforms, the Marlins will again wear their home white, black, red-orange and gray.

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Giancarlo Stanton’s new helmet has a pretty cool facemask

Giancarlo Stanton’s new helmet has a pretty cool facemask

I like the design. It’s personal but not over the top. This is a different kind of look the facemasks we’ve seen before and I think it works well with the overall aesthetics.

And the confused fan of the weekend award goes to…

In a game between the Marlins and A’s, this fan wears a Marlins shirt and an A’s cap. I don’t get it. Choose one. You can’t have both.

I don’t know your story and I don’t want to know it. It’s just not what you should be wearing.


Uniforms for Cinco de Mayo done right and wrong

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am actually OK with teams adding a Spanish flavor to their jerseys for certain occasions. In fact, I encourage it. But if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right.

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the San Francisco Giants (see slideshow above) show us how to do it right. They have the correct translation and since they’ve done this before, they know how to do it

The Houston Astros on the other hand, just added “Los” to the jersey. I don’t know what the translation of Astros in Spanish would be, but they have to have at least made a better effort.

** And on a side note, I think the Marlins wore their road gray jerseys for only the third time all year last night. I think it’s their best look. The white lettering across the chest really brings out the colors.

Forgiving Ozzie Guillen on the Castro comments or punish him even more?

The people of the Cuban community in Miami are calling for the Marlins to fire Ozzie Guillen after his remarks about Fidel Castro in Time Magazine. After Guillen apologized for his mistake, it’s still hard for people to ignore what he said.

“I love Fidel Castro… You know why? Many people have tried to kill Fidel Castro in the last 60 years, yet that [SOB] is still there.”

For the Cuban community, Castro was pure evil and any kind of support thrown his way is obviously something that won’t sit well. But there are still a lot of questions that weren’t answered.

Guillen claims that he was misinterpreted and still apologized for it. If you’ve heard Guillen speak English, there can be moments where his accent and broken language is a restriction. Even sometimes during his press conferences I struggle to understand him. But Guillen said that his remark were in Spanish and this is what he actually said.

 “I cannot believe that someone who has hurt so many people over the years is still alive.”

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The Marlins’ new bobblehead museum is their coolest feature of the new ballpark

OK, we all know that the new Miami Marlins ballpark has an aquarium, a retractable roof and that funny looking home run statue. But after seeing the above video, I have come to the conclusion that their bobblehead museum is their best feature.

The display has 588 total bobbleheads and the case moves every so slightly so all the bobbleheads actually bobble. I am watching this video and I recognize about 10 bobbleheads that I own myself.

As a bobblehead guy, this just makes Marlins Park one of the must visits for me. I mean, how cool is that?

Every team needs a silly unofficial theme song

The above is not an official Miami Marlins theme song. In fact, it has nothing to do with the team. But this unofficial theme song for the new Miami Marlins is so catchy that I wish every team had one.

I remember when the Minnesota Vikings got one from Prince and two seasons ago, Wiz Khalifa did one for the Steelers. But neither of them were this silly.

With a Caribbean feel and a light-hearted message, this song makes me want to cheer for the new Marlins. Go fish!

The new Miami Marlins Park fits well with the team’s new funky look

The new ballpark looks awesome.

The Miami Marlins held their fanfest over the weekend and that was a great chance for fans to see their new ballpark and to snap photos. I got a chance to look through a gallery of photos right here and I was very impressed.

Compared to other stadiums, this reminds me of a little bit of Minute Maid Park and Miller Park together. But for a newer ballpark, this one is nice. I don’t think it’s too crazy with gadgets and gimmicks (except for the shrine thing in center field) and overall, it’s a very comforting look.

Sure, the outfield walls could be a different color, but I think this is a stadium that matches the identity of the Marlins perfectly.

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