What a career, Ichiro!

It’s actually pretty hard for me to put into thoughts on Ichiro’s career. He’s now in the front office and likely will play a couple more games next year when the Mariners visit Japan. After that, I think it’s officially over for him.

But with today’s news, I still can’t help but reflect on all the times I saw him play live when the Mariners came to Oakland. I knew I was in the presence of greatness. This once-in-a-lifetime talent was bigger than what I could have imagined.

He had speed. He could hit. He had an arm. He had power. He had it all. And every time I saw him play I was just amazed at what he would end up doing.

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Mariners unveil new Sunday alternate uniform and modifications to current set

The Seattle Mariners have unveiled a new Sunday alternate uniform. The team already have two alternate sets (navy, teal) along with their home whites and road grays.

I initially thought they would go the throwback route but instead they gave us a mixture of their current set with their inaugural colors. The uniform is cream white and there are no player names on the back.

The cap is the same current logo but also recolored. The team also have striped stirrups which I think is a really nice touch. Here are some up close photos from their unveiling today.

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Recapping Opening Day at the Oakland Coliseum

The classic walkway to the Coliseum.

Another Opening Day and another one I make. Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s a little harder for me to be back in the Bay for certain things. But Opening Day was one event I couldn’t miss. I found my way back to Oakland and it was going to be a great celebration.

The day started off with me watching other teams start their season through my MLB.TV app on my phone. Good stuff. It got me juiced up for the entire day. I couldn’t wait to get to Oakland!

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Seattle Mariners ditching teal in 2014?

Check out the link in the above article by SportsLogos.net. Through a post on Ebbets Field Flannel’s Facebook page (which would later be deleted), the Mariners are considering going with a cream white jersey and replacing teal with gold.

Whoa whoa whoa!

Where did this come from? Recently the Mariners re-added a teal alternate jersey and I thought the team was embracing their roots. After all, some of their greatest moments happened when teal was the in color.

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Felix and Melky: The highs and lows in baseball today

I am posting this blog entry as a fan of baseball. With my background as an A’s fan, you’ll see that my perspective on things is a little different than what you might believe.



I am happy for Felix Hernandez. I love Venezuelan ballplayers and as an A’s fan, I know firsthand how dangerous Hernandez is. I don’t know how many Opening Days I’ve gone to and seen Felix dominate.

But think about it. This is the 23rd perfect game and the third this season. These things are supposed to be rare and yet we’ve seen three this year. Phil Humber had one and Matt Cain did it too.

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Farewell Ichiro, I can’t cheer for you anymore

One of the many times I saw Ichiro play live in front of my eyes.

I have been privileged to have seen Ichiro Suzuki play ball for so many games. As an A’s fan, it was easy to get to Oakland and see the A’s take on the rival Mariners. Heck, even when I visited Safeco field several years back (best ballpark I’ve ever been to), I sat 17 rows in foul territory and it felt like I was sitting right there with Ichiro.

So with the trade of Ichiro to the Yankees official, I can no longer cheer for him. It is that because of what the A’s did to the Yankees this weekend that the Yankees made a desperate trade. But ultimately, it’s because Ichiro plays for the Evil Empire that makes it hard for me to cheer for him.

I sound like I am getting emotional as if Ichiro was retiring, but this is like a retirement for me. Over the past couple years I told myself to cherish watching Ichiro play live in front of my eyes because it might not last long. Now that day is here.

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The Mariners’ combined no-hitter last night should be appreciated

Last night, six Mariners pitchers combined to no-hit the Dodgers. It was the 10th combined no-hitter in big league history.

Some people have said that it’s not as exciting or worthy of a no-hitter thrown by one pitcher. I disagree.

Even though there are fewer combined no-hitters, it’s still a tough task. Putting in relievers to try to finish a job is tough. And you could say because there were different relievers, it made hitting for the Dodgers harder. But I still believe that it is tougher on the relievers because they all knew that they had to be near perfect to achieve it.

Regardless, celebrate a great achievement no matter how it’s done. Plus, the Mariners were in teal which made visually pleasing.

Opening Day (Part 2) last night was simply fantastic

The entrance to my summer home.

Aside from the final score, everything that led up to Opening Day for me was a blast. Since I am a huge Oakland A’s fan, returning to the Coliseum to me was something that I always looked forward to. Even though the stadium is a dump, I have spent a lot of my life at this ballpark and there was no other place I rather be.

I got there a little before 6PM and fans were already filing into the stadium. I walked through the parking lot and just absorbed the scent of all the tailgaters. And just standing outside the stadium, I knew that I was where I belonged.

One the things that I love to do is just to walk around and observe things. It’s always nice to see what new things have been added to the place and just the reaction of people coming in and seeing baseball for the first time this year.

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Let’s do Opening Day again for the Oakland A’s!

My awesome Opening Day photo from last year.

As you are reading this, I am already on my way to the Coliseum to celebrate Opening Day. I know that the team already played two regular season games but nothing beats the first home game of the season.

Baseball has always been my favorite sport and the A’s have become my biggest passion. I don’t get this emotional about any other team or sport. This is pretty important to me.

So now as I tailgate in the parking lot, eating up hot dogs and drinking up beers, I am just happy that I am back at the Coliseum where I belong to celebrate another season of baseball.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Let’s go A’s!

Another Opening Day, another tough loss for the Oakland Athletics

Pennington did OK on defense, but was close to a homer in extra innings.

I can’t believe that I woke up from a three-hour sleep to catch the A’s-Mariners game. After all, it was Opening Day and the A’s are my love. But I knew that even though I had a lagging online stream, I could listen to the radio. I wouldn’t do this kind of stuff for any other team.

But here I am sitting in my kitchen listening to this game. The A’s were exactly what I thought they would be today. They would keep it close with a great pitching performance and the offense did produce. But it was the missed opportunities that cost them.

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