Why I am OK with the Josh Donaldson trade to the Blue Jays

Entering this offseason, I expected the A’s to make moves. After all, they went all in in 2014 and didn’t win. As a result, the team was gutted and needed to reinvent themselves. I don’t think the talent pool is so bad that they have to rebuild. But instead, they had to make some changes to make it work in a year or two.

Nobody is sacred with Billy Beane as the general manager and I know that. Trading players away to gather talent for the future is what the A’s have always been about. And it’s not surprising that a trade like this could happen. I am an A’s fan. I know this. I’ve been through it. I don’t get emotional about it.

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Memorial Day means confusion to what it means for Blue Jays

Blue Jays celebrated America’s Memorial Day by wearing their Canadian camouflage.

During American holidays, all of Major League Baseball is decked out in special uniforms. Whether it’s the caps or jerseys (sometimes both), the teams will wear either a flag patch or a camouflage design. But on Memorial Day yesterday, it was a little strange.

Since it’s an American holiday, it would have been odd for the Blue Jays to participate in the uniform changeup. But it had been promoted that the Jays would take part of it.

But when the day arrived, the Jays did not wear that cap. Instead they used the Canadian (CADPAT) camouflage design instead. As you can see in the above photo, it’s green and completely different than what the rest of the league was wearing.

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J.A. Happ’s injury a reminder of the urgency for head protection for pitchers

Now we’ve had two such incidents in less than a calendar year. I think it’s time to seriously consider some kind of protection for pitchers on the mound.

After a day to simmer, my thoughts on Brett Lawrie’s beef with Bill Miller

After a day to think about it and to hear some sides of the argument, I have come to the conclusion that I am behind Brett Lawrie on this incident 100-percent.

When Lawrie went to first base on what he first thought was ball four, Miller called strike two. Umpires don’t like it when players trot to first base before a call was made. So I think maybe Miller then started to conjure up his own vendetta against Lawrie.

Lawrie was wrong on that part but that doesn’t mean Miller has the right to make it personal. On the next pitch, which was clearly ball four, Miller called Lawrie out looking.

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