MLB’s Facebook page went full Chinese

The battle of the 2009 draft prospects — in Chinese!

Before realizing the oddity of it all and deleting it, Major League Baseball’s Facebook page posted the above update. It is about the upcoming matchup between the Nationals and Red, featuring Stephen Strasburg and Billy Hamilton. Both were products of the 2009 draft and now they face off.

Of course, there were lots of confusion as to why the entire post was posted in Chinese. Was this an error by MLB in an attempt to write something in Chinese but posting it in the wrong place?

The entry was deleted shortly thereafter but for a couple minutes it was very odd to see MLB post something that was completely out of the ordinary and something that I could read (well, most of it.)

Jayson Werth is a fan of ‘Mean Girls’

Good for you, Dan Kolko. You go, Dan Kolko.

One of my favorite movies of all time celebrated its 10-year anniversary recently and I have found out that a lot of my friends love the movie.

So do I. And with Jayson Werth showing his true plastic side, it’s awesome.

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For one night only, the 1994 Expos are getting back together

Larry Walker with the Expos.

I was only a little 8-year-old at the time of the 1994 strike. I wasn’t fully engaged in baseball at the time and I don’t even remember anything about it. But as the years went on and when I started to fall in love with the sport, I continued to want to learn more about the history of the game.

One thing that always comes to me are the what ifs in sports and the biggest one I can think of is the 1994 Montreal Expos. The strike in 1994 ended the season prematurely and the entire postseason was canceled. At the time, the Expos were in first place and some believed they had what it took to be champions. But the season never played out and the team was essentially dismantled afterward.

Fans in Montreal still wonder to this day what would have happened if the 1994 season had played out. Would they have won? Could they have formed a dynasty? It’s hard to say. But it was 10 years after the strike that the Expos moved to Washington DC and the team was gone forever.

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Who will be the fifth racing president at Nationals games?

EDIT: William Taft has been named the fifth president.

Joining George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, there will be a fifth president to the famous race at Nationals Park. But who will it be?

I think any living ex-presidents, along with the current one, would be out of the question. I think the decision has to go solely on recognizability and influence. There are only three that come to mind for me if I use that criteria.

1 – Richard Nixon: He didn’t have a very good time as president as he was known for his situation with Watergate. But his face is so recognizable and his “crook” persona might make him a good bad guy in the race.

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