You want ‘Space Jam 2’ to happen? This is what needs to go down

As you have heard, they have found a director for “Space Jam 2” and the reboot/sequel is finally getting the necessary things in motion to make it happen. The idea, though not confirmed, is that the movie will focus on LeBron James as the main character.

This is a bad idea.

First of all, the idea of this sequel happening is completely unnecessary. The original was a little off the wall and it featured a good storyline that followed it. Michael Jordan’s abrupt retirement allowed this storyline to work through. The silliness of Bugs Bunny and the rest of this crew recruiting Jordan to an intergalactic basketball game against aliens who have stolen his friends’ talents is perfectly a 1990s idea. It should stay there. Anything similar would not work today.

But here we have LeBron James. He isn’t as likable. (Although one can argue that Jordan wasn’t very likable as well but he was way more revered during his era than James is now.) The timing of this is terrible. If they made this to coincide with James’ return to Cleveland, then there might have been something.

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Pacers wearing Hoosiers throwbacks is a faulty great idea

The Pacers announced that they would be wearing these uniforms for several games next season. This is the uniform from the “Hoosiers” movie. It is a very important movie in Indiana history and it captures the state’s love for basketball. It’s one of the best sports movies of all time and the Pacers celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie is a great idea.

But this is a professional team wearing a uniform from a movie based on a high school team. That doesn’t sound right.

The homage is great but somehow the Pacers wearing a throwback like this seems kind of minor league. It isn’t but a gimmick like this really cheapens the product. But it’s still a nice homage. I’m torn between how I really feel about this. It’s a movie, not an actual historical evvent. It just seems very out of place.

It’s a great idea but it isn’t perfect. I just don’t think a professional team should have to wear uniforms from a fictional movie.

Everyone needs to go out and get Space Jam 2K14

Bugs Bunny being clutch.

Of course such a game doesn’t really exist. But thanks to MkEliteWorksX for uploading this mod, he’s got NBA 2K14 into Space Jam.

This isn’t the first time he’s modded video games. Check out his mega-LeBron mod.

But to relive one of the best childhood movies through a modern video game is pretty neat. Check out the video and get your warm fuzzy feelings on. If only this game was real.

With Jeremy Lin’s new movie ‘LINSANITY’ coming out today, a look back at the first time I met him

Trailer for Jeremy Lin’s new movie now playing in theaters.


When Jeremy Lin made his NBA debut, I was in the house for that. It was 2010 and it was the Golden State Warriors’ second game of the season. It was also Asian Heritage Night. I was very lucky to have gotten a media credential to that game.

There wasn’t a lot of expectations for Lin. He was way low on the depth chart and the only way he would get some action on the court was if the game was a blowout.

Sure enough, late in the game, the Warriors took a commanding lead and it was then that then head coach Keith Smart decided to put Lin in the game. The reaction to Lin was off the charts for every opportunity he touched the ball even though he didn’t attempt a single shot in his short time on the court.

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2Pac’s birthday reminds me of one of my favorite basketball movies

Great movie.

Today is 2Pac’s birthday and I am a huge fan of his work. Not only was he a great rapper, but he also loved sports. In fact, one of my favorite basketball movies featured 2Pac in a lead role. (Plus, the soundtrack is so good!)

The movie “Above the Rim” is a story about fighting the bad environment of the ghettos and trying to get out of it through basketball. It didn’t really feature tremendous basketball highlights or anything, but it told the truth of how some people in the ghetto see basketball as a way out. It was their key to a better life. (Check out the movie above — it’s Rated-R.)

With Bernie Mac and Marlon Wayans, it’s a strong cast with a great storyline. I wonder if this is on Netflix. I might need to watch it again.

And since it’s 2Pac’s birthday, here’s one of my favorite songs (and one of his best). I’ll throw out that NSFW warning because of the lyrics.

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The Dream Team documentary was a trip through a memory I never had

This was the Dream Team I knew about.

When the Dream Team assembled, I was only six years old. I had just learned how to shoot a basketball and I didn’t know much about what was going on about the team. The only thing I knew about the Dream Team was this poster puzzle my mom bought me.

And for the longest time, I only thought there were 10 guys on the team. But as I grew older and became a huge sports nut, I realized how great this team was. In my mind, this may have been the greatest team ever assembled other than these guys.

Chris Mullin was my favorite player so I was very proud to know that one of my favorites was part of something so big. And after watching the documentary last night, I was moved. The story of how they united as one and what they did to the game of basketball changed my perception of them. I was floored.

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