I just saw ‘Concussion’ and it attempts to make the NFL look like the bad guys

I came into this film thinking that it will shed new light on the concussion situation but it really was not much new information to me. But of course, I am a football fan so I am very aware of what goes on with the league. In fact, I feel that this was more of a movie that showcased Dr. Bennet Omalu.

For those who may not know much about the NFL and the concussion case, this is a good starting point in getting the basics in. They talk about some notable suicide cases by former players and how Omalu was able to study their brains and discover traits of CTE. Then the movie starts getting into Omalu’s faith and his relationship with his wife.

This movie became more of a triumph story for Omalu then a revealing movie about the NFL and its negligence. It seemed to me that they wanted to make the league look like the bad guys, but they instead made the focus on Omalu instead of the problem itself. I am not sure how much the NFL had in the hand in directing the movie’s theme, but it was clear that there was a lot of potential that was left out of the film.

Still, it’s a good film for any football fan. Sure, the movie focuses more on Omalu’s triumph in his discoveries, it still shows that the NFL was willing to turn the other way for the longest time. The NFL is pretty lucky that this film didn’t make them look worse than they could. But they can no longer ignore the seriousness of CTE and head trauma.

The ‘Concussion’ movie doesn’t even look that good

You can’t really judge a movie’s potential solely on the trailer. But then again, the trailer is supposed to display the movie’s best scenes and what it has to offer.

I am sure this movie could be great and I hope it isn’t just an NFL-bashing film. But something about this trailer doesn’t really capture me. I still will plan to see it but for a very first impression, I’m not that impressed.

Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

I wouldn’t say sharp. It’s just OK.

Movie review: When the Game Stands Tall

When I first heard about this movie, I was curious as to what would be the premise of the film. I grew up in the Bay Area so De La Salle’s story was familiar to me. In fact, I was in high school at St. Mary’s (Go Panthers!) when the streak ended. So as I saw the trailer for this movie, I wondered what the storyline would be.

In terms of an attractive movie storyline, what could this film offer? A successful team with a great winning streak loses a game. Big deal. It’s just a game. But the movie tries to tell the story of how that it’s more than a game. The streak is meaningless. Rather, the relationships with one another is what matters the most.

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My movie review of “Draft Day”

Sonny Weaver is the general manager of the Cleveland Browns and as you in the football world know, that team has had some bad times for many, many years. But this year, with the 7th overall pick, Weaver decides that it’s time for him to make a splash. He trades up to the No. 1 pick where the “can’t miss” quarterback prospect is there for him to take. But as he ponders his decision, he must make sure that this prospect is the right pick at No. 1.

Balancing the pressure of reconciling with his mother, the heartbreak of the death of this father (who was the team’s last coach), a new head coach who previously won a Super Bowl (Denis Leary) and a relationship with a co-worker (Jennifer Garner), the story is more about redemption and finding peace within Weaver’s own life.

But there’s still plenty of football to talk about.

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What is your favorite football movie of all time?

I am trying to compile a list of my favorite football movies of all time (like I did for baseball) and I got stuck. I can’t remember all the football movies that I have seen.

I’ve seen most of the popular ones out there but I still need a refresher. One movie I know that has to be on the list is “Remember the Titans”. I remember seeing that movie when I was a freshman in high school and I didn’t even really care about the actual football part of it.

What Disney does really well with their sports movie is show us that there is a bigger story other than the game itself. This movie about the struggle of racism between black and white ended up being one of the greatest stories ever told on film. The scene above is probably the one movie scene that I always watch and never leave without a tear in my eye.

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