Pacers wearing Hoosiers throwbacks is a faulty great idea

The Pacers announced that they would be wearing these uniforms for several games next season. This is the uniform from the “Hoosiers” movie. It is a very important movie in Indiana history and it captures the state’s love for basketball. It’s one of the best sports movies of all time and the Pacers celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie is a great idea.

But this is a professional team wearing a uniform from a movie based on a high school team. That doesn’t sound right.

The homage is great but somehow the Pacers wearing a throwback like this seems kind of minor league. It isn’t but a gimmick like this really cheapens the product. But it’s still a nice homage. I’m torn between how I really feel about this. It’s a movie, not an actual historical evvent. It just seems very out of place.

It’s a great idea but it isn’t perfect. I just don’t think a professional team should have to wear uniforms from a fictional movie.

Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

I wouldn’t say sharp. It’s just OK.

For The Win

The University of Tennessee is switching over to Nike apparel, and the Volunteers unveiled their new uniforms for multiple sports Wednesday in a fashion show. Quarterback Josh Dobbs modeled a new Smokey Grey alternate kit for the football team, which features one of the coolest helmet designs in the nation.

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My review of ‘Jurassic World’

On Wednesday night, I got a chance to see ‘Jurassic World’ a couple days before it hit theaters nationwide. I grew up dreaming of becoming an archaeologist before the first movie ever came out. My love for dinosaurs grew with this and when they announced that this movie was coming out, I could not wait to see it.

I saw it in IMAX 3D and unfortunately, I was stuck in the second row way up front. I was afraid I would strain my neck but it wasn’t too bad. The only thing was that I had to move my head left and right throughout the film.

So how did I like the movie? I enjoyed it. But this wasn’t something that WOW’d me at all. The storyline goes like this: There is an amusement park where genetically created dinosaurs are the attraction. A chain of dinosaurs escape and the humans must find a way to stop the dinosaurs before the chaos causes damage.

Just like the first movie.

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Athletics share quote on Instagram with typo

The Athletics just shared the above quote from The Sandlot. It’s a good quote except for one problem: they misspelled “heroes.”

However, if the quote was referring to the delicious sandwich, then it’s not a misspelling. But I don’t think Babe Ruth was talking about sandwiches.

Or maybe he was?

Movie review: When the Game Stands Tall

When I first heard about this movie, I was curious as to what would be the premise of the film. I grew up in the Bay Area so De La Salle’s story was familiar to me. In fact, I was in high school at St. Mary’s (Go Panthers!) when the streak ended. So as I saw the trailer for this movie, I wondered what the storyline would be.

In terms of an attractive movie storyline, what could this film offer? A successful team with a great winning streak loses a game. Big deal. It’s just a game. But the movie tries to tell the story of how that it’s more than a game. The streak is meaningless. Rather, the relationships with one another is what matters the most.

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MLB + Star Wars = Gold

AK 47 Studios is a graphic design brand that has combined some of our favorite pop culture icons and sports logos together.

Earlier today, he released a few Star Wars themed logos with MLB logos. I really like the Ackbar one.

Check out the others and the rest of his work on his Instagram.

I finally watched “The Fan” and I have some thoughts on the movie

The Fan (1996)

In 1996, a movie called “The Fan” was released. It was about a deranged, obsessive baseball fan who went to crazy lengths to try to “help” his favorite ballplayer succeed. Of course, it wasn’t fandom, but an unhealthy obsession that led to stealing, kidnapping and murder.

I was only eight when this movie came out, so I never got a chance to see the movie. It wasn’t until last night I saw it on Crackle and decided to watch it. The plot of the movie in itself isn’t a bad one. There are plenty of crazy fans that go too far for their team or a favorite player sometimes. This story did go a little extreme, but the premise of this movie isn’t something that is out of the ordinary.

But sadly, that’s where the movie fails. As good as the story was, the storytelling was horrible.

So why do I feel compelled to tell my thoughts on a movie that was released 18 years ago?

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