I met Bill Walton last night and he’s chill and cool as I always imagined he would be

Last night I was in San Diego to see The Fab Four, a very cool Beatles tribute band. When I sat down in my seat, I noticed this very tall fellow sitting on a specially designed chair. I looked at the man’s face and instantly recognized him. It was Bill Walton!

It made perfect sense. He is from San Diego and he would be at a show like this. I was nervous about approaching him because he was on his phone the entire time. I know famous people don’t like to be bothered when out in public so I decided to just let it be. But then after, I saw one fan approach him and take a photo. I then decided that if he was cool with that fan, then he may be cool with me.

I walked up to him, and said “Hi Mr. Walton, I am a big fan.”

He smiled. That Bill Walton smile. He replied,”Hi my name is Bill.” He was so chill. I told him about a classmate of mine that was actually related to him. I think it was my classmate’s mom’s cousin’s daughter or something like that. Bill didn’t recognize the name. But that’s OK. Then changing the subject briefly, Bill said he really liked my shirt. I was wearing this NBA memed Beatles shirt. Of course he would like it. I had shook his hand and asked him if I could take a selfie real quick. As you can see above, he obliged.

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Rest in peace sweet Prince: Thank you for changing my music life

I was working at a summer school program as a volunteer back after my freshman year in college. One of the perks of this volunteer position was that we got a chance to go to the local library every week. This was a great chance for the kids to read but for me to also check out their media section and borrow movies and CDs.

This one afternoon I saw a copy of “Purple Rain” and I grabbed it. I had heard of Prince but wasn’t very familiar with his music at all. I took that CD home, burned it onto my desktop and held on to it. When I listened to it, I was floored by the different sounds and how everything was seemingly magical. I wanted more. The guitar solo on “Computer Blue” remains to me as one of the most powerful things I had ever heard in music. “I Would Die 4 U” was a lyrical masterpiece to this very day still takes me to another state of mind. “Purple Rain” was the perfect album. It remains perfect. It is untouchable — just like Prince.

Rest in peace, Prince.

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Coldplay reportedly to perform at Super Bowl 50 and it will be disappointing

We had known for a while that this could be a possibility. Now it’s a reality. Super Bowl 50’s halftime show will be headlined by one of the most overrated, worst bands of our generation. Coldplay will take the stage in one of the greatest platforms in American music.

What a shame. The NFL couldn’t secure one of these performers?

Coldplay isn’t music that connects with the average NFL fan. Their music doesn’t get you excited. It’s slow, it’s mellow and doesn’t really bring much energy you would want to a capacity crowd at the Super Bowl.

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My top 5 choices for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show

The NFL has not officially announced the act for Super Bowl 50. The halftime show is a very important part of the Super Bowl experience and even though we’ve had some hits (Beyonce) and misses (Black Eyed Peas) in recent years, I would like to think that for this 50th Super Bowl, the league would find an artist perfect for the occasion.

There is speculation that Carrie Underwood might be the best option and I don’t mind her at all. But her music isn’t my style. In fact, I think there are better options out there. Here are my choices (in no particular order) of who I would like to see perform at the Super Bowl.

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I am in Mew’s newest music video ‘The Night Believer’

Mew was a band I discovered during my college years and I didn’t think I would start listening to a band from Denmark. But it was something about their sound that grabbed my attention. Their album “And the Glass Handed Kites” is a masterpiece of rock music and since then, I have been their biggest fan.

Six years ago, I attended their concert in San Francisco and I consider it to be a top 5 concert for me. They haven’t toured North America since but they are set to return this fall. I already bought my ticket. I must be there.

About a month ago, they released their newest studio album and for their upcoming music video, they wanted to incorporate their fans. They had 2,250 fans from all over the world sign up for this music video project. They got it down to 1,000 individual contributions from 65 different countries and I was chosen to be in it!

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Solution to the Athletics’ ‘Celebration’ postgame song fiasco

If you haven’t heard the news, the A’s are using a new song to play during postgame high-fives. For many years, the team has played “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.

It’s a great song to play after a win and fans love it. It’s no exclusive as other teams use it, but for the A’s, it’s been a staple for many years.

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Mark Jackson wants to thank his wife’s supporters by asking them to post their phone numbers publicly on Twitter

Mark Jackson has been publicly supporting his wife’s music career since leaving the Warriors. Desiree Coleman Jackson has sung at Warriors games before and she’s talented. She recently dropped a new single and Mark wanted to thank those who bought it.

He wanted to personally thank the people and in doing so, asked them to post their phone numbers publicly on Twitter.

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Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’

Rihanna to the NFL: ‘F*** you!’

What a messy situation. CBS pulled Rihanna last week as the league was going through the Ray Rice controversy. She didn’t like it and now CBS won’t use her at all.

5 Best Reactions to the NFL’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Superbowl Halftime Scheme

5 Best Reactions to the NFL’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ Superbowl Halftime Scheme

Just give us Weird Al. This is ridiculous!

Recapping my trip to Candlestick Park to see Paul McCartney

Back when this concert was confirmed, I immediately bought tickets. I didn’t even know if I was going to go, but I knew I would find a way. But nevertheless, despite all the busyness of life, I flew back to the Bay the morning of the concert, ready to go to the last event ever at Candlestick Park and to see Paul McCartney one last time.

My dad and I took the secret way to Candlestick. We parked and walked our one mile to the stadium. This was the route that I took to the 49ers games when I was a writer. I would turn on Jamestown because I had a parking pass. But as a fan, this second route is the way to go. Now that the stadium is being blown up, now it’s cool to use this route one last time.

When we got there I marveled at the idea that this would be the last time I would be here. I had already bid my farewell at the last 49ers game here. Little did I know I would be back one last time.

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