10 years ago today, the ‘We Believe’ Warriors made the playoffs

It was 10 years ago on this day I gathered in this small apartment. I was in college at the time and as young college kids from the Bay, it was an instant bond when we all realized we were Warriors fans. For a couple years prior, we would watch games and in hopes that the team might be good enough. Maybe the NBA would recognize that this team existed. It wasn’t meant to be.

But it was this season that the Warriors escaped the clutch of awfulness and squeaked into the playoffs on the last day of the season. The team was made up of misfits and they played a style of basketball that was perfect for them. We felt that this team was unstoppable.

That night, as we watched the Warriors dismantle the Blazers, we celebrated. It was a lifetime of frustration gone. We made the playoffs. We didn’t know how to react. The victory was in the books by early fourth quarter. We just waited for the formality of the clock hitting 0:00.

What we didn’t know was that this team was going to produce the greatest upset in NBA playoff history. I attended those We Believe playoff games against Dallas. It was special. And the wild ride began when the team made the playoffs.

Look at how much as changed in those 10 years. What a shift.

I still believe.

I am totally OK with the Warriors and Cavaliers resting players on nationally televised games

Here we go again.

Last Saturday during a nationally televised broadcast, the Warriors rested their key star players because they were wrapping up a brutal road trip. Last night, the Cavaliers were also on a long road trip and decided to rest star players.

And for the second week in a row, the ABC broadcast team complained. They called the Cavaliers “an absolute joke” for this. But I have to ask the question: Why are they so upset over this?

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The JaVale McGee and Shaq beef is stupid

When Shaq started clowning JaVale McGee for his lowlights, I was OK with it. After all, if McGee did something dumb, I was fine with Shaq pointing it out. But last night’s beef was too much.

McGee did not do anything to warrant a huge mock trailer from Shaq. There was no reason to attack McGee, who has been playing way better this year.

Am I OK with the Warriors reaching out to Turner? I’m on the fence. One, it shouldn’t be their problem. But secondly, this is a bully mentality and it’s not right.

The Twitter beef between the two has escalated and I am sure this won’t end unless Turner or the NBA punishes either or both men.

This is all childish.

The NBA All-Star Game uniforms are garbage

The NBA unveiled their All-Star Game uniforms yesterday and it’s awful. Now, I know that the game was moved from Charlotte to New Orleans so maybe they had to come up with new uniforms for the game. Still, a slate gray vs a light gray uniform set? Come on!

I don’t like that these look like rec league uniforms. They don’t ┬ásay EAST or WEST on either of them. They’re very generic. Adidas, for their final All-Star Game, has come out with a dud. Appropriate.

We still have the KIA logo and the Adidas logo. But no sleeves this time so good for them!

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Craig Sager was always my inspiration

I remember when I was in college sitting at home with my friends. This was the first time in my life that I had cable TV. Up until that point, I didn’t know much about Craig Sager. I had just started my studies in journalism and I still had no idea what direction I wanted to go with it. Naturally, sports was my first choice. But I still was very open to many different paths with the degree.

I was watching the NBA on TNT and of course, Sager patrolled the sidelines asking questions before, during and after the game. I recall sitting and watching the postgame interview. I can’t recall who he was talking to, but I remember vividly how I felt about him. I thought his suit was pretty cool but what captured me was the way he presented his question to the player. He didn’t just ask a question or simply recite a statement, instead he painted the question. He presented the stats, shared the story of the momentum before finally asking the question. For most reporters, you want to get to the question immediately. But for Sager, he doesn’t do that. He instead sets the stage for the question.

“I love how he just paints the picture before asking the question,” I remember remarking. It was that approach that amazed me. Sager knew how ask the question in a way that helped the player remember what had happened, informed of stats and did it in a kind, caring tone that nobody could deny.

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Ernie Johnson’s response to the election and my thoughts

I don’t talk about politics ever and this may be one of a few I may ever share on this blog.

I am getting mixed reactions from this speech last night by Ernie Johnson.

On the one hand, he is praised for being truthful and thoughtful as a Christian and how he views the election.

Yet at the same time, he admitted that he voted for someone who knew wasn’t going to win and in a sense, played a role in the winner of the election.

It really depends on how you look at it and what you value out of the electoral college and your view of the aftermath of this election for those who are religious.

I agree with everything Johnson said about his faith but the part about his ballot makes me wonder. I don’t know if I should just feel a certain way about him or how the entire country voted (with a reported 46.9% of eligible voters not voting).

Either way, the dialogue we must have with one another must be positive in order for us to embrace the new era in this country.

Warriors’ new faux Run TMC era uniforms look like trash

After leaks from NBA 2K17 surfaced on the new Warriors’ alternate uniforms for this season, the team has confirmed that they are wearing these new uniforms for six games. As you can see by the above tweet, which includes those dates, the new uniforms are essentially using the current template with the Run TMC era wordmark for the jersey. The numbers are plain white in their current Copperplate Gothic font. These are dubbed the “Crossover” uniforms. The official unveiling will be Monday.

The reason for the existence of these uniforms make no sense. The entire look lacks gold in the name and number and this serves no purpose if they are blending in two eras into one uniform. It is an awful attempt at more merchandise sales. It just doesn’t look or feel right. Throw this in the garbage, please.

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