Did the NBA go too far with color vs color last night?

Green vs teal is not an ideal uniform matchup.

Remember last year when the Hawks and Knicks met and this happened? Orange vs red. So little contrast. The NBA said that they would not allow something like this to happen again.

So last night the Celtics wore their green uniforms against the Hornets’ teal uniforms. Does this look like a similar situation? Granted it wasn’t as hard to decipher the two uniforms compared to what happened last year. But still, both uniforms are a little too close, don’t you think?

The NBA has adopted the color vs color approach in recent years after years of the home team wearing white for their games. It’s a nice change, but there still needs to be some precedent in avoiding visual messes like this.

According to the NBA rulebook, one team must be in a “light” uniform and the other team must wear a “dark” uniform. The Celtics’ road green uniforms are considered dark. And the teal Hornets’ uniform falls under both categories apparently. The color of it is light but has been worn as a dark uniform too. Therefore, we have this.

The Hornets’ had designated the teal uniforms as their alternate but it appears that they are wearing it a lot more than their purple or white uniforms. Are the Hornets just embracing what everyone wants and wear teal? Well, whatever the case may be, they gave us a visual mess last night.

Could these be the new uniforms for several NBA teams?

The Warriors could be adding ANOTHER new uniform for this season.

Take this as pure speculation. The information from this post could be true. But without any confirmation, take it for what it is. I’m inclined to believe that this could be likely real.

But for the sake of discussion, let’s assume these are true. Let’s take a look at them and try to guess what will be the changes that these teams will take on with their new uniforms for the season.

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The NBA and Adidas’ desire to produce more sleeved abominations

Yes, NBA and Adidas. Please tell me how these are great designs for a basketball uniform! It is so great to see something so innovative in a sport that demands something like this.

Oh Adidas, you are one of a kind.


My goodness these are horrible.

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The trend of former player to head coach in the NBA is growing

We’ve seen former players become head coaches in the NBA. Look at Phil Jackson, Byron Scott, Pat Riley as a few names on the list. They’ve had success.

Even most recently the success of Mark Jackson and the hiring of Jason Kidd shows that it’s not that crazy to hire a former player.

With the move of another former player turned coach, Doc Rivers, to Los Angeles, this prompted Antoine Walker to ponder if coaching is for him.

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Are we too oversensitive with taunting in sports?

Taunting is something that has been around sports for a very long time and all the professional leagues are trying to find ways to prevent it from being a frequent thing. The NFL has 15-yard penalties for it and the NBA has technical fouls. Last night’s taunt from Jeff Green after his dunk was something that I think should have been OK.

As you can see from the video, Green had a thunderous dunk on Al Jefferson. As Green went back on defense, he stared at Jefferson very briefly and that in the officials mind was worth a technical foul.

I’m not sure this is the kind of taunting that warrants a technical. It’s not like Green pointed at Jefferson like Shawn Kemp, or even Dikembe Mutombo’s finger wag. Heck, it wasn’t even Scottie Pippen level.

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