Those new black Hornets uniforms work surprisingly well

Let me once again emphasize how much I hate sleeves on NBA uniforms.

With that said, if we ignore that element for this new set for the Hornet, we actually have a great design.

I have always liked blue and black together. Mostly a light blue and black combo is very pleasing to the eye and the use of teal and black for this Hornets set is really good. Using their “pride” nickname and having a simple design gives this alternate a very nice touch. I like the stripingĀ that crosses down the side.

For an alternate, it’s simple and even though black has never been part of the Hornets identity, it works for an alternate like this. Do they need it? No. Is it silly to have black and sleeves? Yes. But if they are going to go that route, at least they did it well.

Did the NBA go too far with color vs color last night?

Green vs teal is not an ideal uniform matchup.

Remember last year when the Hawks and Knicks met and this happened? Orange vs red. So little contrast. The NBA said that they would not allow something like this to happen again.

So last night the Celtics wore their green uniforms against the Hornets’ teal uniforms. Does this look like a similar situation? Granted it wasn’t as hard to decipher the two uniforms compared to what happened last year. But still, both uniforms are a little too close, don’t you think?

The NBA has adopted the color vs color approach in recent years after years of the home team wearing white for their games. It’s a nice change, but there still needs to be some precedent in avoiding visual messes like this.

According to the NBA rulebook, one team must be inĀ a “light” uniform and the other team must wear a “dark” uniform. The Celtics’ road green uniforms are considered dark. And the teal Hornets’ uniform falls under both categories apparently. The color of it is light but has been worn as a dark uniform too. Therefore, we have this.

The Hornets’ had designated the teal uniforms as their alternate but it appears that they are wearing it a lot more than their purple or white uniforms. Are the Hornets just embracing what everyone wants and wear teal? Well, whatever the case may be, they gave us a visual mess last night.

Charlotte Hornets’ new court design is absolutely gorgeous

My one wish for this court was to somehow incorporate a honeycomb design into the floor. What they did was not only deliver that, but did it in a very tasteful way.

The simplicity of the sideline and baseline is really nice. The key is purple, which really balances the color. The center court logo is the primary, which is a good choice. I wish they used the crown logo instead of the Buzz City logo.

The parquet honeycomb floor is the winner here. It has staying power as a unique element that makes this team instantly recognizable just by their floor. It’s not overkill and yet it really captures the identity of this team.

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Charlotte Hornets unveil new uniforms and I like them

Home, road and teal alternate. However, Al Jefferson noted that the teal can be worn at home or on the road. That sounds pretty neat since the uniform colorĀ is bright enough for it.Ā 

The Charlotte Hornets officially unveiled their new uniforms today and I think they look great. They aren’t exactly replicas of their old set but taking a twist of history and modernization together, it’s a good combination.

For a full gallery, click here.

For the unveiling video, click here.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the pinstripes are gone. Well, not exactly. They may not be the main feature on the jersey, but each uniform features pinstripes that go down the side. That pays homage to the history of the team. It’s simple and unique.

What I also like about that is the stripes are only on one side. This is another homage to a very 1990s design where uniforms are asymmetrical. Having a major design element ONLY on one side is a classic `90s look and I think this is a great part of this new set.

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An idea of what the new Hornets jerseys will look like

A look at the jersey wordmarks for the Hornets.

As confirmed by several sources, these are the wordmarks that the new Hornets will use on their jerseys. Unlike their previous set in which the city name was featured on both home and away sets, this one will feature the team name.

It is unknown if the new jerseys will have stripes like their original set, but we can tell that the home jersey is white and the road jersey is purple. Their alternate, which might have sleeves, likely will be teal and unveiled in possibly a year or two. I think it might read “Buzz City.”

I would have preferred that the road set would be teal, but I suppose maybe they unveil a teal version without sleeves later. It’s just a guess.

The colors look fresh and vibrant. I am optimistic about these. The entire uniform set will be unveiled on June 19.

Should the old Charlotte Hornets be part of the new Charlotte Hornets history?

During the announcement today that the Charlotte Bobcats will now be officially known as the Charlotte Hornets going forward, it was noted that the history of the team will adapt the old Charlotte Hornets.

The current franchise’s history will have the statistics of the Hornets from 1988-2002 and the Bobcats from 2004-2014. Essentially, all NBA teams that have played in Charlotte will be part of this franchise’s history. That means the New OrleansĀ Hornets from 2002-2013 will be part of the New Orleans Pelicans history.

It’s hard for me to accept this ruling because I know that the original Hornets team moved to New Orleans and that remains as one franchise. But because of the new name switching, it’s essentially claiming that the original Hornets never moved to New Orleans. Somehow, there was a two-year gap before magically that Hornets team became the Bobcats even though that franchise was still in New Orleans.

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The new Charlotte Hornets logos are simply amazing

The Charlotte Bobcats will become the Hornets next season. After years of a confused identity, they unveiled new logos and it’s simply beautiful.

What’s great is that they essentially kept their old colors and brought back Hugo the Hornet. Per NBA rules, they couldn’t just bring back their old logos, so they made new ones that had a modern feel to it but still paid homage to their history. With the branding brains behind the Jordan brand, this turned out to be a great logo package for the revived Hornets.

Merchandise with the new logos will go sale next month and the new uniforms are expected to be unveiled some time around the draft.

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Charlotte Bobcats’ rename to Hornets ends one of the worst branding failures in sports history

They are bringing back the buzz! The NBA has approved for the Charlotte Bobcats to change their name to the Charlotte Hornets following this upcoming season.

With that move, we get to say farewell to one of the worst team branding eras in the history of sports. I personally am delighted to see the disappearance of the Bobcats and their brand from the NBA.

When the Bobcats made their debut as an expansion team in 2004, I actually liked their color scheme. Orange uniforms weren’t popular in the NBA and with the addition of their shade of blue with silver and blood orange, I thought it was pretty nice.

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Report: Charlotte Bobcats begin process of reverting name back to Hornets

The Starter Jackets, the players, the colors. This was the 90s to me. This was what basketball meant to a lot of people. To bring back the buzz would be amazing!