Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech was perfectly AI

I could watch this over and over again. This is why Allen Iverson is so revered. His passion on and off the court is all real.

Yao Ming is going to the Hall of Fame and that’s awesome

Apparently his qualifications to the Hall of Fame isn’t as clear cut to some people. Despite his shortened NBA career, that’s not why he is getting into the Hall. Considering all the ball he played in China and the influence he’s had on the international growth to the game of basketball, this to me was an obvious choice. Yao deserves this.

With Yao expected to be inducted with Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, this might be the best class ever. Congratulations, Yao!

My adventure to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

As a big sports fan, I should have known this. But I didn’t realize that the Basketball Hall of Fame is only a two-hour drive from Boston. Only up to a week before my trip to the East Coast did a suggestion to go there come up. I didn’t really think the Hall of Fame would be that great considering I hear so little about it. But still, I love basketball and I had to go check it out.

I avoided traffic by driving out there a little late, getting there a little before 1PM. I have to say that the location of the museum is unassuming. It’s attached to a Subway and Coldstone. Additionally, it’s not even that noticeable until you actually look at it from one end and realize that it’s the Hall of Fame.

Inside is a little different. It’s only three floors in a very small building (for a museum) but it still has its charm. On the first floor is this full length court. People are invited to shoot basketballs around. Along one wall is the lined up with the evolution of hoops. It’s not easy shooting a ball into a peach basket. The first floor is justĀ a great location for playing basketball. The highlight for me began on the top floor.

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I’m going to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend

For several years I have been planning a trip back to Cooperstown. I went there in 2008 and wanted to return last year for Frank Thomas. That didn’t work out but this year, I knew I had to make it. I booked everything three months ago and now this weekend I will finally be there.

Just look at that class. Phenomenal! I am a huge Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson fan. John Smoltz was my favorite pitcher from the Braves trio and Craig Biggio was just nails every time. This was my childhood. This is why I love baseball. It’s going to be crazy flying out to Albany tonight and driving all the way out to Cooperstown. But for the induction ceremony, I have to be there.

Then after all that, I will be driving out to Boston to visit Fenway Park on Tuesday for Pedro’s jersey retirement. That’s my first time ever at Fenway. I am really excited for that.

But before that on Monday, I will head out to the Basketball Hall of Fame. This is going to be real exciting to visit this museum. That just leaves the Hockey Hall of Fame as the last one for me to visit.

This is my weekend. I will share as much as I can on social media. I am really excited for this. I think I might go back next year.


Gary Payton, Bernard King headline Basketball Hall of Fame 2013 class

Not a bad class. But the sad thing is that the Basketball Hall of Fame doesn’t get as much love and attention as the other sports. Is it just because the game’s history isn’t as historic?