Pacers wearing Hoosiers throwbacks is a faulty great idea

The Pacers announced that they would be wearing these uniforms for several games next season. This is the uniform from the “Hoosiers” movie. It is a very important movie in Indiana history and it captures the state’s love for basketball. It’s one of the best sports movies of all time and the Pacers celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie is a great idea.

But this is a professional team wearing a uniform from a movie based on a high school team. That doesn’t sound right.

The homage is great but somehow the Pacers wearing a throwback like this seems kind of minor league. It isn’t but a gimmick like this really cheapens the product. But it’s still a nice homage. I’m torn between how I really feel about this. It’s a movie, not an actual historical evvent. It just seems very out of place.

It’s a great idea but it isn’t perfect. I just don’t think a professional team should have to wear uniforms from a fictional movie.

Paul George to change uniform number so he can establish his own nickname

Paul George wears No. 24. There have been talks over the past couple seasons that he should change his number to 13 so they can call him PG-13. You know, because creativity with nicknames and numbers is the in thing right now with CP3 Chris Paul and D-12 Dwight Howard out there. And he decided that he will do just that.

So George, wanting to build his brand and establish his own nickname, will buy up all the current jerseys that bear his old number so he can make this new change.

Nicknames used to be organic. Players used to be given nicknames, not take something and create it for themselves. But in this money-hungry world, where people are all about their own image, here we go. The nickname is nice, but I will never really go for it since it was just a creation for marketing purposes. It’s not really a nickname when you give it to yourself. Giving yourself a number change so people can call you something they’ve wanted to call you is just dumb.

But money talks.

Hey Norris Cole. When are you going to change to No. 17?

NBA referees dropping hate on Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson got a technical for taunting. Seriously?

This stuff is common in streetball. And more importantly, how different is this compared to a crossover. It’s a basketball move to deceive the defender.

Stupid NBA officiating.

Pacers to wear black jersey with sleeves for summer league

This looks like a terrible idea.

That’s right. The roll out of teams wearing sleeve jerseys have begun. The Warriors wore them and they were unnecessary. Five other teams will wear them during the season and apparently the Indiana Pacers will wear a version of it for the summer league.

Black is not part of their color scheme, but of course they wear that. And oh, the boring T-shirt looking design doesn’t look professional. Yeah, great job Adidas.

Here is the white version, which isn’t any better.

This doesn’t mean the Pacers will adopt it for the regular season, but I guess with this fad, it’s starting to spread like some bad disease.

Guess who’s thrilled about it.

Pacers’ Roy Hibbert uses homophobic slang term in post-game press conference

The sad thing is that it was probably force of habit from just regular talk from his friends. Sure, of course he shouldn’t have said it and I know that with the NBA trying to become a league that’s really accepting of all different people, this was just bad word choice right here.

No suspensions should be handed out in the Pacers-Warriors brawl

After reviewing the above brawl, I have come to the conclusion that no suspensions should be handed out.

The fight was started when David Lee shoved Roy Hibbert. And in the attempt to break up the fight, players intervened. Stephen Curry ended up getting the worse of it as he was trying to play peacemaker.

This wasn’t anything serious like thrown punches or anyone suffering injuries. It was simply a confrontation between two players with some shoves and everyone else tried to break it up. That to me doesn’t warrant a suspension. A fine likely, but nothing more.

It’s 1990s throwback time in the NBA

Classic 1990s throwbacks.

The other night, we saw the Suns wear their gorgeous black eclipse uniforms and it brought me back to when basketball was so big for me. Tonight, the Bucks will wear their green uniforms. This nostalgia run has got me excited.

As you can see from the above photo, these teams will wear these throwbacks in the upcoming games and I could not be more excited.

Despite the logistical design flaws of big letters, gradients and pointless dropshadows, this was a time in basketball when I really fell in love with the league. Seeing these on the floor one last time is really a great high five for the league.