Blame Adidas? DeAndre Jordan’s jersey wordmark rips off

You all know I don’t like Adidas. So when this happened, I kind of find myself laughing at their misfortune. One of many they have had since taking over the NBA.

To be fair, something like this could happen to any manufacturer’s product. However, because of Adidas’ attempt to use new fabric and new stitching techniques with adhesive, the likelihood of this happening was high.

Adidas really needs to get its act together. They’ve already given us ugly uniform designs and again they can’t even have a uniform that can stay intact.

If Chris Paul wears these, I might have to get me a pair

I am actually a fan of the State Farm commercial featuring Chris and Cliff Paul. It’s simple but funny. This new one really caught my attention because the argyle shoes would be awesome to see on the court

This is a great and fun way of interbranding two corporations. Throw in Jordan brand and boom! You got a hot seller! Let’s make it happen!

My first NBA experience at Staples Center

Last night was my first time ever at Staples Center for an NBA game. I had been there before for two hockey games, but this was a first for me.

The experience was quite unique. Since it was a Clippers game, it wasn’t all “showtime” or anything. The place had loud music, fans were walking around (without much enthusiasm) and it was just a nice atmosphere. I got a free shirt upon arrival, so it’s nice to have a free rag.

What really caught me was that the Clippers identity is unknown still. There was a lot of flashy lights and hip hop music played. Even the player introductions video was rapped by the players. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Are the Lakers the only storyline in sports today?

Too much Lakers.

I know that ESPN wants to promote the popular storylines and so forth, but almost completely ignoring the Jazz and just talking Lakers all morning on SportsCenter isn’t great. This is no surprise, but all this coverage of the Lakers isn’t healthy.

Of course, this is their style so I can’t do anything about it. It was just shocking that it made it seem like the Lakers were the only team fighting for a playoff spot. A few brief mentions of the Jazz and Rockets doesn’t really balance it out evenly.

But that’s what we have and it’s hard to really follow SportsCenter when it’s constantly talking about the same sorry team the whole time.

Luckily, there was one change of subject in this rundown bar when I took this photo. But an hour earlier, it was filled with all Lakers. It’s just too much and I don’t want any more of it.

The most exciting jump ball in NBA history?

If you know your celebrity history, you know that Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom were once brother-in-laws. So when they ended up together for a jump ball last night, the crowd also recognized the momentousness occasion.

Thanks to the Kardashian family, these two will forever be linked in some odd way. And this jump ball was just something amazing. (Plus now there are rumors that Khloe is hooking up with The Game?)

There hasn’t been this much love for a jump ball since Jeremy Lin’s NBA debut.

That DeAndre Jordan dunk last night wasn’t all that

When I watched the dunk last night, my first reaction was “meh.” How could a dunk everybody is talking about just be “meh” to me? (I might be the only one who thinks this.)

Don’t get me wrong, this dunk was very powerful (especially with his off hand). Anytime you can knock someone down on a dunk, it deserves attention. But was DeAndre Jordan (6’11”, 265) dunking on Brandon Knight (6’3″, 185) that impressive? Bigger player overpowering a smaller player? (Thanks Woj for speaking truth.)

Knight had no chance. He’s smaller and really didn’t obstruct Jordan in anyway. Jordan dunked the ball with ease because there was no challenge. In fact, if Jordan had an open shot at the hoop, it would have been the same.

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Did Blake Griffin travel on his breakaway dunk?

I was directed to this dunk that Blake Griffin had in the first quarter against the Rockets. In normal speed it looks like a perfectly fine dunk to me. But after reading the comments, some people suggested that he traveled in the process with three steps.

I didn’t see it that way initially, but I can tell why they would assume that. I had to watch this video at least a few times to make sure I saw what the others were seeing.

Part of this confusion is that the NBA is very poorly officiated on a nightly basis and traveling is just so confusing that I don’t know what traveling is anymore. After all, the league doesn’t call traveling anymore anyway.

But was this move by Griffin traveling?

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Blake Griffin with one of the worst flops I have ever seen at Warriors game

Huge win by the Warriors over the Clippers. This is the kind of win that tells the entire world that the Warriors are for real and that their good start is not a fluke.

During the game, we have the above play occur. Festus Ezeli fouls Blake Griffin and in the process, Griffin flips and nearly hits David Lee with his leg. My initial reaction was that it was a big foul and the referees got the call right.

Upon further review of the replay, I realized that this was another horrible flop job by Griffin.

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I really hope the Lakers and Clippers lose their Game 7s

Blake Griffin is in perfect flop position.

I haven’t gotten a chance to watch much of the NBA playoffs this year but from what I have seen, it has led me to cheer against the Los Angeles teams. Even though I live in the area now, I hope both these teams lose their Game 7 matchups.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I’ve grown to despise these two teams and right now, that hatred has is to a level higher than ever before.

For the Lakers, it’s easy. It’s the Lakers. Why would I root for them? Plus, seeing them struggle gives me some joy. And the fact that the punk Ron Artest/Metta World Peace/Crazy Man is returning for tonight’s game, I hope he does something stupid to hurt his team. He’s just all bad news.

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