This is why the new Milwaukee Bucks uniforms are fantastic

Click the link in the tweet to see all the photos. After I saw it for the first time, I was very pleased. I actually liked their previous set but when they decided to make the change, I was afraid that it might be a change for the sake of change. But with a pretty solid logo, the uniform was created perfectly for the entire set.

The balance of green and cream white is perfect. The front and back are simple. The side piping works so well with the shorts. Additionally, their homage to their old Bucks uniforms with the rainbow panel is great. The conservative use of blue is great. Also, I like their negative space “M” on the shorts.

What makes this set so fantastic is that it’s really green. Unlike the last set with the usage of red, the cream doesn’t take away from the identity of this team. They want the focus of this set to be really green and that’s what we get. And that makes this one of the best sets in the entire league.

I like the home white a lot more and that’s probably only because the name on the front is shorter. But that’s just a small bump in what appears to be a smooth, fantastic uniform set. Well done, Bucks.

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Milwaukee Bucks officially unveil new logos

The Milwaukee Bucks have officially unveiled the new team logo for next season after weeks of leaks making the waves around the Internet.

Here are the logos courtesy of

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Is this the new Milwaukee Bucks logo?

A while back, there was a rumor about the Bucks getting a new logo and this post from the Chris Creamer board.

One of the regulars where my friend bartends sells merch at the Bradley Center.  Yesterday, they apparently stocked a shirt with the one of the Bucks’ new logos.  No word on whether or not it’s the primary, but here’s what they described:

-Roundel featuring a Buck that looks similar to the current one, but “angrier.”

-Green & Cream… no other colors.

-Reminded them of something a microbrewery would use.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My top green uniforms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t know if you’re Irish, but if this day means something to you, then celebrate as you wish. Just be safe.

With people wearing green today, I like to go over my favorite green uniforms in the top major leagues in America.

MLB: There’s something about the simplicity of the green pullover with the city name on it. This was it for the A’s. It wasn’t even that popular of a design in terms of all the outrageous looks they had in the ’70s. But this look from 1982 sold me. Simple and classic. It’s a shame that the A’s are the only team in baseball today that wear a green jersey.

Then again, I am biased towards the A’s. But their balance of gold and green is a great complement to the entire set. I wish they could throw back to these beauties in the near future. That would be awesome. Here’s to wishful thinking.

(Side note, I like what the Mets wear during St. Paddy’s Day every spring.)

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It’s 1990s throwback time in the NBA

Classic 1990s throwbacks.

The other night, we saw the Suns wear their gorgeous black eclipse uniforms and it brought me back to when basketball was so big for me. Tonight, the Bucks will wear their green uniforms. This nostalgia run has got me excited.

As you can see from the above photo, these teams will wear these throwbacks in the upcoming games and I could not be more excited.

Despite the logistical design flaws of big letters, gradients and pointless dropshadows, this was a time in basketball when I really fell in love with the league. Seeing these on the floor one last time is really a great high five for the league.

Monta Ellis thinks he’s just like Dwyane Wade and tries to tell us why

When Monta Ellis was with the Warriors, I enjoyed watching him play but I knew that it wasn’t going to translate into real leadership. That was part of the reason why the Warriors traded him.

Last night, before his team’s game against Miami, Ellis claimed that his skill level is the same as Dwyane Wade. He noted the obvious disadvantage in wins, but other than that, Ellis is the same as Wade.

As much as I would like to laugh, I think Ellis is serious. And I’m pretty sure he’s looking at his stats and thinking that he can match whatever Wade puts up, but Ellis doesn’t have the drive to be like Wade.

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