Could these be the new uniforms for several NBA teams?

The Warriors could be adding ANOTHER new uniform for this season.

Take this as pure speculation. The information from this post could be true. But without any confirmation, take it for what it is. I’m inclined to believe that this could be likely real.

But for the sake of discussion, let’s assume these are true. Let’s take a look at them and try to guess what will be the changes that these teams will take on with their new uniforms for the season.

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The NBA and Adidas’ desire to produce more sleeved abominations

Yes, NBA and Adidas. Please tell me how these are great designs for a basketball uniform! It is so great to see something so innovative in a sport that demands something like this.

Oh Adidas, you are one of a kind.


My goodness these are horrible.

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Phoenix Suns unveil new uniform set but miss the mark because one element is missing

The Phoenix Suns have new uniforms and they were oh so close to having a great look. Close.

As you can see, the sun streak across the front just ends with the number. Unlike the sunburst from their old set, this one just feels empty. Had they included a sunburst, this new uniform set could be one of the best in the NBA. Instead, it just feels empty.

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Farewell to purple for the Phoenix Suns?

New Suns identity?

That is what appears to be a legit leak of the new Phoenix Suns identity. We knew they were going to emphasize black, but I didn’t know they would do it to this extent. The only purple left in their remaining identity would be a carry over of their old logo — and I suspect that to be the case just to avoid some fee in the NBA’s rebranding rules.

But here we are. We lose one of the nicest identities in the NBA in terms of color and we have ANOTHER team that wears black. Oh fun! And to top it off, the colors and the new “S” logo are not to my liking.

What we have here is just boring to a team that isn’t very good. Stash this away in the “Charlotte Bobcats rebrand for rebranding sakes” category. The purple is out of place and the whole identity now is a mess.

Maybe this leak isn’t the real deal and there is still some hope. But I doubt it. Their court design change hinted this and this apparently is what they settled on.

It’s 1990s throwback time in the NBA

Classic 1990s throwbacks.

The other night, we saw the Suns wear their gorgeous black eclipse uniforms and it brought me back to when basketball was so big for me. Tonight, the Bucks will wear their green uniforms. This nostalgia run has got me excited.

As you can see from the above photo, these teams will wear these throwbacks in the upcoming games and I could not be more excited.

Despite the logistical design flaws of big letters, gradients and pointless dropshadows, this was a time in basketball when I really fell in love with the league. Seeing these on the floor one last time is really a great high five for the league.

Suns black throwbacks looked fantastic

The Suns are wearing this right now. Oh it looks so beautiful. It brings me back to the days of Charles Barkley and Rex Chapman.

I am so glad to see these uniforms and I know this is just a precursor to what the Suns will be wearing next year.

Good job Suns.