I am totally OK with the Warriors and Cavaliers resting players on nationally televised games

Here we go again.

Last Saturday during a nationally televised broadcast, the Warriors rested their key star players because they were wrapping up a brutal road trip. Last night, the Cavaliers were also on a long road trip and decided to rest star players.

And for the second week in a row, the ABC broadcast team complained. They called the Cavaliers “an absolute joke” for this. But I have to ask the question: Why are they so upset over this?

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Enjoy retirement, Tim Duncan. You are the greatest

I remember when Kobe Bryant started this retirement world tour and everyone started saying how Bryant might be the greatest player of all time. The debate kept going on and on and I kept wondering why people thought that.

Bryant wasn’t even the best player of his own generation. No. That honor¬†belongs to Tim Duncan.

Duncan quietly walked away from the game today. He didn’t have this long retirement tour. Much like his demeanor, he kept it quiet and simple. That’s why people don’t give Duncan all that attention. He doesn’t seek it. But if you look at all he has done, he deserves more.¬† Continue reading

Should Draymond Green have won Defensive Player of the Year instead of Kawhi Leonard?

I’m sitting here thinking about this and trying to figure out if Leonard was the best defender this year. Statistically, Leonard had a great year. He had a year that was worthy of consideration. But what makes Green the better defensive player was his versatility in shutting down so many different players, going from point guard to center in his defensive assignments.

I know I am biased, but this is still a one that I can’t really put my finger on. This isn’t like one of those cases where the winner was a complete unworthy candidate. Leonard was a good candidate. But I can’t say he was the better defensive player. At least not in what kind of versatility he provides.

Even though Green received more first place votes, it’s the total amount of points received that makes the difference. But still, Leonard is a good choice to win the award. I just don’t think Green should have lost it. It’s disappointing but not one I can argue too much about with both candidates worthy of the award.

The NBA and Adidas’ desire to produce more sleeved abominations

Yes, NBA and Adidas. Please tell me how these are great designs for a basketball uniform! It is so great to see something so innovative in a sport that demands something like this.

Oh Adidas, you are one of a kind.


My goodness these are horrible.

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The Spurs camo alternate uniforms have left me speechless

Just not good.

So this is how it’s going to be? The Spurs and Adidas have decided to really mess things up. They took last year’s silver alternates and have blended it with a camo print. I don’t know why they think it’s a good idea but they look terrible.

The gimmicks from Adidas need to stop. They’re making a respected organization look like a joke.

We’ll see these on Nov. 13 and one more date. Hey, at least it isn’t sleeved. Some progress? I can’t even…

What I’ve learned after two games of the NBA Finals

What a block!

What a block!

After two games, I have learned a few things about the Spurs and Heat.

The first thing that stood out to me is that this Spurs team is way better than I thought. Even though I got to watch them play against the Warriors, it appears that the extra rest they got before the Finals really did them wonders. They’re smarter with their ball handling and Tony Parker seems to be at another level right now.

The Heat also seem to be very relaxed. Despite their Game 1 loss, they knew that they had a must-win for Sunday. They came out and dominated, setting us up for one great series.

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Spurs’ Tracy McGrady to consider retirement following 2013 Finals

His career was over for several years already. He’s just riding the pine hoping to get a ring.

Appreciating the Spurs as a dynasty like no other

Consistently good for so long.

Call it what you want to, but despite the lack of sex appeal from the San Antonio Spurs, they are exactly what I love about basketball.

Most times dynasties can get boring, but the Spurs aren’t your typical dynasty. They don’t win three straight titles like the Lakers or Bulls. Instead they consistently make the playoffs and every other year, they win a title. They haven’t done it since 2007, but this year’s team could very well get one more.

I look at the core of this Spurs team of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and just marvel at how lucky we are to watch these three, along with coach Gregg Popovich, produce such consistency for so long.

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How crazy does momentum shift in a 7-game series?

After the Game 1 loss, I thought the Warriors lost all the momentum. But I knew if they won Game 2, the momentum would be on their side.

That’s exactly what happened. Game 2 was won and the Warriors were back in the driver’s seat.

Then the Spurs won Game 3 and it looked like they were in control. The Warriors had to win Game 4 to stay alive and that must-win scenario came the Warriors won.

Now we don’t know who’s in control. Maybe the pressure is back on the Spurs to win. Or it’s on the Warriors to steal that one game right now. Who knows?

Momentum is a crazy thing. This series is giving us some good basketball. What fun!

Warriors losing that 2OT thriller/collapse to the Spurs sucked, but it’s not that bad

Stephen Curry gave all he got but tired out at the end.

Stephen Curry gave all he got but tired out at the end.

Crazy game. Crazy ending.

As a basketball fan, it was fun to watch. As a Warriors fan, it stings. But hey, it’s not that bad.

One of the things that I like to do before big games is really put things in perspective. And for the Warriors, their goal was to return back home with the series tied 1-1. That still is in play. Despite the tough loss in Game 1, they can still accomplish their goal and be on the right track.

Sure, they could have won tonight and all the what ifs could be erased. But for this kind of a team, maybe this loss isn’t as bad as it may seem.

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