These new Toronto Raptors uniforms are exactly as plain as I expected

The Toronto Raptors officially unveiled their new uniform set today and it looks exactly like the leaks that we’ve seen for months. Quite frankly, these uniforms are kind of boring.

Looking at it, the identity and the presentation is very tame. There isn’t much too different in terms of the design from their last set. They still have a white, red and black alternate. They’ve also added another black alternate with gold.

One thing you will notice is that the chevrons remain but they point north, going with the “We the North” theme they have. That’s fine, but for a new set, using the same element as the old set isn’t too creative. They are also telling us that they have a “T.O.” in the shorts for Toronto. Sure.

Overall, the look isn’t too different than the old set. And it’s somewhat plain. It’s a lateral move really. It just isn’t too exciting and the Drake alternate seems way out of place. Not a great set. It’s just average.

Toronto Raptors’ new logo looks way too similar to the Brooklyn Nets

The Raptors unveiled this video today which features their new logo. This means that the current logo with the dinosaur will be no more after this season.

What a shame. I liked the dinosaur. I don’t like Drake and his creative ideas for the Raptors. This new logo isn’t creative at all. In fact, it looks similar to another logo.

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NBA fans see the Raptors’ baseline for the first time and go crazy

The baseline is tripping people out.

The Toronto Raptors have had their optical illusion baseline for a few seasons. But since they aren’t a big name team, casual fans probably have never watched a Raptors home game until today’s playoff opener.

Because of that, we saw some funny reactions on Twitter to the baseline.

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NBA officiating continues to be confusing

So instead of a 105-102 game with a free throw coming up for the Raptors to cut into the lead, somehow, someway, Kyle Lowry was called for an offensive foul.

Can someone explain this to me? His shooting motion was a normal motion and he did not appear to stick his leg out intentionally to draw contact.

And of course with a BS call, such a reaction is warranted. Giving him a technical for that is ridiculous. Lowry knows the officials are out to get him. This is embarrassing.

Toronto Raptors are having a “Drake Night”

Drake is a very popular rapper. I think his music is OK, but the Toronto native has taken the Raptors by storm. Not only is he theĀ “global ambassador” for the team, but he will have a hand in the team’s new logo and uniform identity.

The Raptors might go away from the raptor dinosaur and might go in the bird direction. After all, Drake’s logo is an owl. Could black and gold be the team’s new colors?

So here we are, having a night dedicated to a Raptors employee and international star. Why not, I guess.

I have a bad feeling Drake is going to turn the Toronto Raptors into birds

Drake and his owl.

The Toronto Raptors announced they would be hosting the NBA All-Star Game in two years. But during that same press conference, they said they will go with a complete rebrand of their identity, but will not change the team name. Toronto native and rapper Drake will help with the rebrand.


This isn’t a big deal as the Brooklyn Nets used Jay Z’s influence for their rebrand and I think it’s totally find. However, the problem with this is that there was no clarity as to what this means for the team mascot.

Since its inception, the Raptors have used a dinosaur for their mascot and logo. After all, the velociraptor was a very popular dinosaur after the release of Jurassic Park. However, the term “raptor” actually means “bird of prey” and that could mean the team could use that definition.

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Please don’t let the Raptors change their name

The history of the Raptors.

If you haven’t heard, the Raptors are considering a name change.

The team has gone through some uniform changes over the years, overhauling from purple and black to now red and black. But their identity as the Raptors has remained the same.

They’ve had a few throwback games here and there but for their entire team existence, they are the Raptors. A product of the 1990s and an expansion team, they’ve had an identity that is recognizable and still very fun. I personally like their name and even though I wish they would return to purple, I want them to keep their name.

I don’t think that a name change would do anything. Even though the team isn’t a playoff contender, an identity change like this doesn’t do much. Much like the New Orleans Pelicans or the soon to be return of the Charlotte Bobcats, a new change will keep people interested for a little bit before the play on the court takes over.

Looking at it, I hope the name doesn’t change. It’s not what the team needs and it’s surely not the way I’d go about it. I like the name as is and it should stay.