Wizards new alt uniforms just look awful

The consensus for the most part has been positive for this alternate uniform. I am not on board with it. I like how they are honoring the military and I am fine with that. My problem is the imbalance of red and blue. I feel like this uniform should be blue dominant yet there is too much red. The red collar trim could be thinner. I also do not like that the wordmark and the number font look completely different.

It’s a nice effort but it doesn’t work for me. It looks like it’s trying to hard. You can make red, white and blue work well if you focus one color as the primary lead color.

Wizards’ ‘Baltimore Pride’ uniforms are a complete mess

I am all for throwbacks. I am all for uniforms that take some throwback elements. But the Wizards’ “Baltimore Pride” uniforms are juts a complete mess.

The first issue presented are the sleeves. Once again, sleeves don’t need to exist.

Secondly, the use of the Wizards’ colors instead of the old Baltimore Bullets colors make it a really odd design. Of course the Wizards are promoting their own brand, so the use of their current colors make sense.

ButĀ the biggest issue are the logos. If this is a “Baltimore Pride” uniform, then why does the uniform feature logos that feature the Washington Monument and the “DC” wordmark? That’s not Baltimore at all. The only thing Baltimore is the borrowed design template.

Of course, this pride attempt is just another cash grab at people’s heartstrings. What a messy attempt to make something meaningful.

Could these be the new uniforms for several NBA teams?

The Warriors could be adding ANOTHER new uniform for this season.

Take this as pure speculation. The information from this post could be true. But without any confirmation, take it for what it is. I’m inclined to believe that this could be likely real.

But for the sake of discussion, let’s assume these are true. Let’s take a look at them and try to guess what will be the changes that these teams will take on with their new uniforms forĀ the season.

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That Warriors-Wizards game last night was visually unpleasant

These two uniforms look terrible.

Last night I watched the Warriors and Wizards go to battle on the court and I was instantly turned off when I saw both teams hit the floor. It wasn’t the style of play, but it was the uniforms both teams were wearing. In my opinion, these two teams feature two of the most poorly executed designs in the league.

Both these teams took classic uniforms (Warriors, Wizards) and decided to bring it back by giving it a modern touch. What they did instead was ruin a classic and branded themselves as a team without an identity.

What hurts me the most is that I am a Warriors fan but when I first saw these uniforms last year, I thought the team failed miserably in capitalizing on a potential classic. And when these new Wizards uniforms debuted, I thought the team was just trying to hard.

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