The new Detroit Lions uniforms are almost perfect

The long-awaited Detroit Lions uniforms are here!

I want to first address that theĀ entire set has removed black from its identity. The helmet features the Northwestern stripe but I feel that the lack of white in that stripe makes it look so plain and empty. The logo is outlined in Honlulu blue, which is fine. The facemask is also very nice as it appears to be chrome. A blue one would have worked too.

The home set (and the color swapped road set) is very good. I love the Northwestern stripes remaining on the sleeve and pants. The simplicity of it is great and the number font isn’t bad either.

However, the only real annoying issue is the team name on one sleeve, and the initials of William Clay Ford on the other. It reminds me of the Bucs and their sleeves featuring different things. They should have just removed those names. They aren’t necessary. Keep a Ford patch and I would be fine with it.

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My predictions for Saturday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

The Texans are stuck with Brock Osweiler.


This is going to be awful. The Houston Texans are not that good of a team but they make the playoffs because their division is awful. The Oakland Raiders on the other hand have played some really improved football but are without Derek Carr and has looked terrible since his injury.

Houston has to turn to Brock Osweiler, who has been the starter for most of the year. He is very inconsistent and the running game for the Texans is suspect. There isn’t much about this team that can get the team hyped. DeAndre Hopkins had a down year and part of it is due to inconsistent offensive play. Rookie Will Fuller is unpredictable (even when healthy) and tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz seems to be the only offensive weapon the Texans are using well. Without J.J. Watt, defensively the Texans are still suspect in what they can do

Oakland on the other hand has Defensive Player of the Year candidate Khalil Mack running a defense that is decent but still isn’t top level just yet. The biggest concern, however, is how Connor Cook can run the offense with such limited experience as a rookie. The running game needs to be their biggest weapon to help set the tone for the Raiders offense. If the Texans can get pressure on the Raiders’ strong offensive line, then Cook is going to have a long day with Clowney in his face.

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My predictions for Sunday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

Who will be smiling at the end of this game?


I may super biased still, but I don’t think much of the Bengals. I don’t think that Andy Dalton is the kind of quarterback that can take the team far. For so long I have felt that his game is so inconsistent. There are games where his passing is so atrocious that it hurts the team. Then there are times that he will have great games and I don’t know who he is. As for this game, I think he might put together a decent game but it won’t be enough.

First of all, weĀ won’t seeĀ A.J. Green so that hurts the passing game tremendously. Secondly, the Colts offense is still pretty strong and even though their running game hasn’t been much, Andrew Luck’s arm will make this a high-scoring affair. The offense isn’t superb by any means, but these two match up really well and it could come down to who has the ball last.

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Was Matthew Stafford the hero or the Cowboys the goats?

What a finish!

What a finish!

With the game clocking winding down, Matthew Stafford signaled to his team that he wanted to spike the ball. Instead, he saw that the defense was relaxed and he snuck in for the winning score.

Big props to Stafford for noticing that.

But should Stafford receive all the praise or should the Cowboys receive some of the brunt of it for being so dumb. If they know their football, they know that one of Dan Marino’s most famous plays involved a fake like that. And in any situation, why would they relax on defense? If Stafford was to spike, then let him spike. But don’t relax.

Was this more Stafford being smart or Cowboys being dumb? A little bit of both, but I think it’s more of the Cowboys defense being fools.

Ziggy Ansah’s 3D glasses make no sense and it still confuses me

What are you wearing?

After some time to think about it, I am still confused. Why did Ziggy Ansah wear movie 3D glasses at the NFL Draft?

I know in the NBA, Russell Westbrook dresses up as a clown. But at the NFL Draft, it’s norm to dress nice. But can someone explain to me why Ansah felt the need to wear these glasses? They have no lens and serve no purpose. As a fashion guy, this really doesn’t work.

Sure, it doesn’t make his facial features look worse. But as a person who wears glasses, I don’t like it when people mock a physical ailment I have. What’s next, healthy people walking in crutches as part of fashion? Of course not.

It’s a shame that this is it for Jahvid Best

Jahvid Best’s last appearance in an NFL game in 2011.

Ever since a concussion suffered in Week 6 during the 2011 season, Lions running back Jahvid Best has not received medical clearance to return to football. Adding onto this concussion history from college, it appears that this is it for Best.

I’ve been watching Best since his days at Cal and I knew that he wasn’t going to be a star back in the league. But I always knew that if he could stay healthy, he could be that change of pace type of back. If he got a good offensive line, he might be like a Jamaal Charles one day. Unfortunately, that was never meant to be.

This makes us wonder about the after effects of concussions in football. Is there a way to prevent these kinds of things from happening? Or does this deter us from football knowing that a career can be cut short just like that?

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Lions got the right guy to perform on Thanksgiving Day

It was announced today that the halftime show for the Lions-Texans Thanksgiving game will feature Kid Rock. This was a very wise choice to get the Detroit native to perform.

After last year’s confusing choice for Canadian band Nickelback (in which they were trying to promote their new music, but fans wouldn’t have it), this is a smart move to bring back Kid Rock. He also performed in 2010.

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The strange dude videobombing Alex Smith’s interview is rapper Niraj Vora


First, let me address this before the actual game analysis comes in. I don’t know who that guy is behind Alex Smith. I had never met him before but apparently he has an on-field credential. But why is he dressed like that and why does he intentionally make himself visible behind Smith without doing anything?

The more I see him, the creepier I feel about it. Who are you? Why are you there? If you’re listening in on the interview, why aren’t you actually listening and taking notes?

EDIT: I found out who he is

Now to the my thoughts on the 49ers’ performance.

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49ers vs. Lions: The movie trailer

This came out in the Spring and with today being the anticipated rematch, this should be a fun game tonight. I don’t see any postgame nonsense like last time, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it about 50 times before the day is done.

Watching replays of it cracks me up. What an overreaction and how nothing now is something that really should have remained nothing.