The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

The Drama Behind the Michael Sam Drama

So glad it happened the way it did. Perfectly captured and perfectly executed on the television side.

Michael Sam gets drafted by the Rams and it’s worth the celebration

The wait was long, but it is over. The Rams used the 249th pick to select DE Michael Sam. After all the wondering whether or not Sam’s sexuality would hurt his draft stock, it’s good to see him land with a team that is a great situation. He’s close to home, he knows the area and the defensive unit will be a great fit for him.

Watching him cry and celebrate as he received the call from the Rams was a beautiful sight. It was amazing. It was a moment in time that will last forever.

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We just can’t get enough of the NFL Draft

With the first pick…

With less than five hours until the NFL Draft, it’s time for us to get ready for three days of non-stop coverage. It’s been a major change since the drafts of decades past. It wasn’t a primetime event and it didn’t encompass three whole days. But that’s the change in the landscape of football.

The NFL has become king in this country. Anything and everything NFL is going to be eaten up by the consumer. We want NFL information all the time. Spreading the draft to three days was an obvious inevitability. And I am glad it happened.

One of the best things about the draft is all the scrutiny and analysis and mock drafts that come with it. Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to share their input. It’s a pool of unpredictability, yet we try to predict it anyway. We have ideas of what a smart pick would be and what a dumb pick would be. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are wrong.

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What songs should each player come out to during the NFL Draft?

During the NFL Draft, prospects have the option to choose the music that plays when they walk on stage to shake hands with the commissioner.

If I was a draft prospect, this would be my song of choice.

But of course, I will never play in the NFL, so it’s only a dream. But I do have some suggestions for some top draft prospects.

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New Era’s NFL Draft caps are actually kind of unique

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When I first got a glimpse of the draft caps, I wasn’t too sure of it. But after some time looking at it, I think I am starting to like it.

The thing that threw me off was the gray bill. I initially thought it was New Era’s generic attempt to simplify the manufacturing process. However, as we would learn, each cap is designed specifically for the team with the script and logos. What makes them unique is that when a camera flashes, the reflective text shines. It kind of reminds me of the vests bicyclists wear while riding at night.

I’m from the old school and I like my draft caps simple. These caps are actually very simple in terms of the crown, but the bill is what makes it work for today’s generation. I’m very sure that these will go very well with the players who will wear them when they are announced. I do wonder how they will look like under the bright lights of Radio Music City Hall when the photographers take pictures.

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New Era unveils first look at possible new NFL Draft caps

These appear to be the new draft day caps.

According to New Era’s United Kingdom site, we have what appears to be the draft caps for this upcoming NFL Draft. These are labled “NFL Draft On Stage” caps.

All the caps feature the team logo in the front with the crown of the cap matching the team’s main color. The NFL Shield on the back of the crown is gray.

The one difference is the brim. Each cap’s brim feature designs that are team specific. They have both the team wordmark and the team logo on a gray brim.

For some teams like the Raiders and Lions, the brim works. But a team like the Ravens and 49ers, not so much.

What do you think of these new caps?

My thoughts on NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam publicly announcing he’s gay

Does Michael Sam’s announcement affect his draft status?

I was away from the house all day and didn’t check my phone so I got home without any knowledge about NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam coming out publicly.

Here is the story from ESPN.

Here is the story of how the announcement was done from Out Sports.

I think if this happened five years ago, it would have been a huge deal. But as the country and the world has changed, so has our perspective. I think the country has been ready for an athlete to come out and say that they are gay. It was just a matter of time when. We’ve had them come out post-career but this is one of a man who is beginning his career.

On one hand, I want to follow this story because it is important. It is a sign of the times. But on the other hand, we’ve come so long that we have to wonder if it is really news. I believe it is great news, but if we make it more than what it is, then we still don’t really treat and accept one another fairly and equally.

I do believe that Sam, who is the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, has all the credentials to get drafted. I don’t even think that his scouting reports say he is not good enough to make it in the NFL. But will this announcement change how teams consider him? They know that by drafting him, the media attention will follow. Is that a deterrent?

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Memories of the NFL Draft one year later

One of the final photos I took for I still hope to see A.J. Jenkins make an impact with the team.

This time one year ago, I finished my final assignment for and moved on to the NFL Network. The NFL Draft has always been the toughest part of the year for me in terms of writing but it was also the most exciting.

With a year gone by, it holds on to a new meaning to me. It means that I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a year and I have also grown so much in my career since then. Also, it reminds me of where I’ve come from and how much I miss covering the 49ers.

But with the new change, I am better off for it. But I can’t forget the great beat writers I’ve befriended and all the players I’ve enjoyed interviewing. The 2011 season and the following NFL Draft will always be the last memory I have of the beat and it was such a great time.

I look forward to what’s to come in the next year.

Someone from Denard Robinson’s draft party wants to be on TV

Who is this guy?

Calvin Johnson’s brother Curvin surprisingly didn’t get drafted in the first round

I am so angry that Curvin got no love or even mention on TV last night. I had him all in my mock drafts. I mean, I am so sure that the average Joe knows what they are talking about when looking up prospects.

This video appeared before the draft and it still makes me laugh at how much we lie to not look stupid. This is similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” and I love how everyone here is so convinced that they know something about someone that doesn’t exist.