My predictions for Sunday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

The Dolphins pass rush is their only hope.

The Dolphins pass rush is their only hope.


This is going to be a tough game for the Dolphins. The team is good but they are without their quarterback Ryan Tannehill, meaning that Matt Moore has to be able to match the Steelers offensive. Jay Ajayi has been tremendous all year long and the Dolphins need him to help the offensive get going in order to match up with the Steelers. But maybe we shouldn’t look past the Dolphins, who have won nine of their last 11 games and beat the Steelers by 15 points in Week 6. Their pass rush remains strong and that will be a huge challenge for the Steelers. Keep an eye out for Kenny Stills to be the top receiver for the Dolphins’ attack.

Ben Roethlisberger is poised to have a tremendous game. He has played well this year and the running game of Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams will provide the Steelers a great ground and pound game. Additionally, Antonio Brown will continue to be dangerous in the open field for Pittsburgh. The Steelers aren’t a huge defensive juggernaut as they were in years past but they still can challenge any opposition and that is what they hope to do against the Dolphins. The Steelers are home and riding a seven-game winning streak.

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This entry is titled: ‘Odell Beckham, Jr. — how are lives were changed with one catch’

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Eminem references 0-16 Lions, 49ers, Brian Dawkins in new album

NSFW if you don’t like profanity in music.

In Eminem’s new album ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2,’ he has a few sports references. I picked up the album today was blown away by this line in the song “Legacy.”

Me against the world so what? I’m Brian Dawkins
Versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense

So bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami Dolphins
It’s the body bag game b**** I’m supplying coffins

Click the links for each line to see how Rap Genius breaks down the lyrics. They’re pretty good.

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New York Giants have touching tribute for victims of Newtown school shooting

Great tribute.

The New York Giants, New York Jets and New England Patriots will wear helmet decals Sunday to honor the victims of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Friday.

The Patriots will use this decal for their helmets. The Jets are using this.

The Giants, however, have a decal that actually isn’t a decal — and I think that may be the best and most touching tribute to the victims.

Instead of a decal, the Giants will write the initials S.H.E.S. (Sandy Hook Elementary School) on their helmet stripe. The gesture, in my opinion, is one of the best things I have ever seen in terms of memorial patches/decals in sports.

Twenty of the victims were children, most of them in Kindergarten. During that age, these kids are just starting to learn to write and comprehend putting words together. Doing the same for this tribute by the players is a sign of valuing the individuality and uniqueness of all the kids, the way they write and really showing that they aren’t viewed as a clumped group. Continue reading

49ers up for a big test with two tough games in less than a week

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will host the New York Giants in a rematch of last season’s NFC title game. This is a great test for the 49ers as they are once again facing the Giants (third time in two seasons) and this will be a good measuring point to see how good this team really is.

There’ s been a lot banter going back and forth this week and for the 49ers, this could be viewed as an opportunity to get payback. Or the 49ers can ignore that approach and just go out and perform well.

But aside from this tough rematch, the 49ers will face rival Seattle the following Thursday. That’s two games in five days. This isn’t something new as the 49ers were involved in a Thursday game last year. But this time, the 49ers stay at home.

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NBC Pipes In Salsa Music For Victor Cruz Touchdown…Again

Agree totally with this. I think it’s a cool thing and that’s fine with me. But favoritism is not something we want to see from a network that’s supposed to give fair coverage. Either do it for all teams or don’t do it at all.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

When Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz scored during last night’s 19-17 Eagles victory, NBC went into its bag of tricks.

The powers that be for the Sunday Night Football production team opted to play salsa music to coincide with Cruz’s celebration.

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Giants star Osi Umenyiora tries to do right thing for Lawrence Taylor with selfish Twitter act

Attn:All L.T, NYG, NFL FANS! If i get 1million followers, i will buy L.T’s ring back and give it to him. The 1,000,000th will give it to him

Check out this tweet by Osi Umenyiora. He’s referring to this auction of Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring. (LINK TO AUCTION)

At first I thought that the idea of buying the ring and returning it to L.T. was a nice gesture, and it is. But after a little bit, I realized that this has got to be one of the most selfish acts I’ve heard an athlete do behind the idea of doing good.

Umenyiora is seeking attention to himself as he is asking for new Twitter followers. He’s not asking for retweets, rather he’s asking people to follow him on Twitter. He wants to up his online profile.

“Follow me on Twitter. And if you do, I might do something nice.”

That’s basically what he’s saying.

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After watching the Super Bowl, I think it’s very clear on what an “elite quarterback” is

Eli Manning is elite. There is no doubt about it.

You can call Eli Manning an elite quarterback now. Actually, we should have been calling him elite for the past couple seasons.

After Manning just led his New York Giants to another Super Bowl victory, the quarterback was named as the game’s MVP and quite possibly silenced every doubter that has criticized him.

Throughout this season, there had been debate as to what an elite quarterback is and if Manning qualified for that status. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is elite according to his head coach. Are both Manning and Smith elite? Well, after today, the definition of elite has become real clear.

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