Pro Bowl dodgeball is what we need and I am so happy we got it

Why did I enjoy this? The Pro Bowl and the entire week leading up to it has been boring for years. But this year the NFL brought back a passing drill (good), a drone football drop (sure) and dodgeball (YES!).

I have been a huge dodgeball fan since my childhood. I love the sport. I have played in many tournaments. I have a unique sidearm delivery. Dodgeball is fun.

I also like watching athletes playing in different sports. It’s pretty fun to see how certain athletes are out of their element. And for some, we see how good they really are at different things.

This was not going to risk their health and it was fun to watch. Good job! I want this to be an annual thing now.

The NFL Pro Bowl is your 5th grade gym class with dodgeball, relay races

This is weird. Pro Bowl week will now feature dodgeball and relay races. They will also have a passing accuracy challenge and a QB/WR drill portion. But dodgeball and relay races? Like gym class?

Competitions include:

  • Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Pro Bowlers will compete in a game of dodgeball.
  • Power Relay Challenge: Four team members will compete in a timed relay race.

OK, this is going to be weird to have football players at the football all-star week doing non-football related things. Aaron Rodgers throwing an 80 MPH dodgeball to send someone into concussion protocol? A guy pulls a hamstring running a relay race?

This is your gym class all over again.

Check out next season’s NFL Pro Bowl uniforms

At least it’s not so brightly colored. The Pro Bowl uniforms next year are a lot simpler in design with a color scheme of black and gold. Since the NFL is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the modern Super Bowl era, these Pro Bowl duds reflect that of the golden anniversary. I think it’s a nice simple look. I still miss the days of the red for the AFC and the blue for the NFC, but with the new draft format, those days are gone.

I like the unique design of the shoulders for both uniforms. The white jersey appears to be just lines but the black jerseys appear to have this unique layering of shorter lines placed in the opposite direction.

(Is that a Saints helmet in the background? Is that facemask gray?)

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I really like the new Pro Bowl format

Earlier this year I was with the NFL Network and I worked the entire week in preparation for the Pro Bowl. I really liked it.

The new format of picking your own team was a fun concept that I am glad the NFL adopted from the NHL. The uniforms weren’t all great, but it was nice to see something different. Overall, I actually had more interest in the Pro Bowl than I had in years past.

With this new announcement, I hope this generates more interest. It’s still the Pro Bowl, a meaningless exhibition game. But at least to me it’s more fun now. I like it.

The Pro Bowl Draft went pretty well in my opinion

Andrew Luck was the first player chosen on Day 2 of the Pro Bowl Draft.

Even though I work for the NFL, I want say that this is my unbiased opinion of how the NFL Pro Bowl Draft went down last night. I think it went pretty well.

If you watched the Pro Bowl Draft last night, you either or a football junkie, was curious or had nothing else better to do. And for the most part, the draft did exactly what I expected it to do: entertain me. Even though the first day was just to draft players that weren’t part of the skill positions, the second day provided a lot of excitement. Would it have been better to make it one day with all the players? Possibly. But in a way, separating the draft to those two days might be better. I don’t know.

But for a first time trial, I think it went well. After all, the country loves football so it’s worth making this a kind of a big deal in itself without going too over the top. At least that’s not what I think it felt like.

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NFL unveils drastically changed Pro Bowl uniforms

Were you ready for this?

Now that the NFL has taken an NHL-style approach to the Pro Bowl, that means the traditional red AFC uniforms vs the blue NFC uniforms are no longer needed. That means there will be new uniforms and this is what it looks like. The colors are “vibrant orange” and “volt.”

Nike says the new uniforms will feature stars on nameplates that represent how many times a player has been selected to the Pro Bowl. The NBA does it. Major League Baseball did it once.

The logos on the sleeves appear to be in one color, matching the jersey. The pants “striping” is the same as the Jaguars style (and most of college football). And the socks break the rules of having white at the bottom. Here are high resolution images of the white and charcoal uniforms. 

So what do you think about the new uniforms?  Given that Nike has roots in the state of Oregon, it looks like it’s the Beavers vs the Ducks. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. It’s just there.

NFL to adopt NHL-style format for their Pro Bowl

AFC vs NFC has been eliminated.

There you have it folks. The NFL is trying to spice up the Pro Bowl and they’ve decided to copy the NHL. For those of you unfamiliar with the NHL’s All-Star Game, the two captains will get a chance to essentially draft their team like they would for their fantasy team.

The NFL’s approach will essentially allow some imagination to happen. You could see Aaron Rodgers throw a touchdown pass to A.J. Green. Aldon Smith and J.J. Watt could line up together. Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster could line up in the same backfield.

Here’s the official press release:

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Is anyone actually going to watch the Pro Bowl?

There has been a lot of talk about the lack of interest in the Pro Bowl. What can make this game more interesting? There is a good chance that this game might get cancelled if something isn’t done about the level of competition.

I know that players don’t want to get hurt, but there has to be a way to make the game fun. The non-defense aspect of the game is just really boring.

Whatever happened to the skills competition? That used to be great. Can we incorporate that into the game itself?

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Nike unveils Pro Bowl uniforms for this Sunday

Nike has unveiled the uniforms for the Pro Bowl this year. I’m not sure if anyone will actually watch the game, but here are the looks for both the NFC and AFC squads.

The template design is the same cut as the ones used during the regular season. The inspiration for the design takes from the 1970s and I think simplifying the uniform after some poor designs in previous years is a good idea. After all, this might be the last Pro Bowl we’ll see.

NFC Pro Bowl jersey.

The NFC will be the home team with the blue jersey and white pants. Players will wear their own team helmets with their team logo placed on the right side of their jersey. The Pro Bowl logo is on left side.

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