Tennessee Titans getting new uniforms for 2018

Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk speculated uniform changes for the Titans in the past on today she confirmed that those changes are coming in 2018. Adams assured that the Titans will not change their colors or their logos, meaning that the new uniforms will have minor updates.

With that in mind, minor updates must mean that the helmet shells will likely remain white. But red facemasks wouldn’t be a bad idea. The shoulder yokes could be removed and the number fonts could change. But other than that, I don’t speculate anything too much based on that. Their current set is distinct and has stood up pretty well for nearly 20 years.

This could mean that the Columbia light blue might be the primary home colors. But they might stick with navy. There’s a lot up in the air but with the limitations set for this new uniform, I expect this to potentially be a great move. Let’s see what happens next.

NFL officially unveils Jaguars’ really horrific gold #ColorRush uniforms

We had known for a while that the Jaguars would be in all gold and the Titans would be in all blue for their Thursday Night Football matchup next week. There were leaks but now it’s official with the NFL’s announcement.

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NFL’s #ColorRush is coming and it’s a good idea executed poorly

The rumor during the offseason was that the NFL wanted some color vs. color uniform matchups during Thursday Night Football. It wasn’t clear whether or not teams would wear new uniforms for this occasion or just have teams wear what they have in their rotation.

During a commercial on Thursday Night Football, we got our answer. Check out the above video.

The idea is either to help merchandise sales or make Thursday Night Football seem like a special event. Either way, it doesn’t need to happen but it’s here. Color vs. color is nice and I want to see more if it in the NFL. But their approach to this isn’t the best.

Let’s break each matchup down in the order these games will be played.

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More Than Wins and Losses

This is a well-written piece and it shows that at many times, friendship is more valuable than wins and losses.

This coming Sunday will feature a true back in time throwback matchup

So close.

This upcoming Sunday, the Titans will visit the Rams and it will be a glorious uniform matchup. The Rams have decided to wear their 1999 throwbacks to commemorate their lone Super Bowl win against the Titans.

What a tremendous uniform opportunity! The Titans have essentially kept their uniform design since that season and the Rams’ decision to do this is a great back in time nostalgic uniform matchup. It will be great.

However, they won’t be exact. As you can see from the above video, the Rams wore their white jerseys and the Titans wore their navy jerseys. The Rams are set to wear their blue throwback jerseys, forcing the Titans to go with their white jerseys. It’s a shame that the Rams have no option to wear white since each NFL team is allowed three different jerseys per season. Had the Rams designated that third jersey as a white one, we’d have no problem. But they didn’t (as they are going to go throwback again later this season against the Buccaneers.)

The uniform matchup will be just like 1999. But not exactly. So close. Just like Dyson, so close, but not close enough. I still look forward to seeing this and feeling like it’s 1999 all over again.

Did Nike reduce the yokes on the Titans’ jerseys?

I just noticed this during the weekend and apparent Nike implemented these changes last season, but the shoulder yokes for the Titans have been significantly reduced. Compare from when Reebok made the jersey to what Nike did last night.


This weekend.

Clearly the yoke has been slimmed along with smaller numbers and logo. Obviously this is a part of the Nike’s template and this is what they have resorted to do. I like the bigger yoke and it works well with the Titans’ jersey.

This gives me the feeling that maybe sooner than later, the Titans might go for a rebrand. Even though the change is minor, it’s a change that might signify that a new look could happen. Just my guess.

Kenny Britt Posted His Fine Sheet On Instagram

One of my fears about the growth of social media is also the growth of stupidity. Especially with famous people, like athletes, there needs to be some kind of tutorial they need to take in order to learn what they should and shouldn’t do.

Kenny Britt is a prime example of stupid. Publicly complaining about your employer on social media, then deleting it thinking nobody saw it is not going to fly. With his history of off-field problems, add another stupid thing this guy has done in his short time in the NFL.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has an increasingly long rap sheet that includes high-speed car chases and DUI charges.

His latest transgression took place on Wednesday when Britt took to Instagram to express his displeasure over a near $10,000 fine for missing a meeting with a club trainer.

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Hopeless, clueless, and classless in the NFL

A few things have occurred over the past few days and I wanted to just say my thoughts on them.

This story broke my heart and it just brought up memories of Junior Seau’s death. We don’t know what caused it and if it had anything to do with brain damage. But it reminded me a lot of Kenny McKinley and how he was suffering through a hopeless feeling and killed himself after trying to rehab back onto the Broncos.

I want to put this out there that people who have never been on the verge of suicide should never judge people who do commit suicide. You’ll never understand what it takes to push someone over the ledge. And I don’t want to judge Murdock for his actions. There could have been a lot of factors to it.

But this death adds more to the black cloud over the NFL and its current state of players killing themselves. I hope this isn’t part of the concussion issue that’s going on. But at the same time, something wrong is happening and we need to stop it.

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Peyton Manning in uniforms of all three potential suitors

Which team will Peyton Manning choose?

I was just searching through the Internet and came across this picture. Pretty good Photoshop work from whomever created it.

I will guess that the body of the Titans player is Matt Hasselbeck. The Bronco one is definitely Tim Tebow. I want to say the third one is Alex Smith but the arms look too skinny. Maybe it’s not even a 49ers body.

This whole thing has gotten to the point where I am sick of it. Of course, since I am covering the 49ers, I have to pay attention to it. It’s not as crazy as FavreWatch, but it’s still pretty annoying.