My predictions for Sunday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

Seahawks have won the last three meetings against the Vikings.


The Seattle Seahawks are one team to be on the lookout for as we begin the playoffs. Russell Wilson has looked impressive in the second half of the season after looking average to begin the year. The entire team has looked a lot better and the emergence of Doug Baldwin has given the offense a big push. Another great sign for the Seahawks is Marshawn Lynch’s return. We don’t know how much he will get to play but he will have a big impact on the game no doubt.

Teddy Bridgewater needs to be on his A-game to give the Vikings a chance. That offensive line will have to be supber in protecting him and giving rushing leader Adrian Peterson any chance at getting the offense going. The Vikings’ defense, especially the secondary. will have to be the X-factor in this game and they are hoping possibly that the weather might help them out in some capacity.

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Redskins’ use of #RedskinsPride may not be the best idea

Most times, a tweet like this is harmless. But with the Redskins and their name controversy, it was really harmful to their image.

The Twitter reaction to this has been brutal.

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Mark Schlereth is a hater for hating on RGIII’s logo

This was a response from Mark Schlereth to Robert Griffin III’s new Adidas logo.

I don’t know what his deal is, but I don’t understand why he’s hating. Adidas created the logo for Griffin. In fact, numerous companies create logos for their athletes. Tom Brady has one. Kobe Bryant has one. Allen Iverson has one. Tiger Woods has one.

How come he doesn’t go after them or the company that makes the logo?

Of course this comes with the territory that with a guy with that big of a name, anything he does generates attention? Was it his doing or Adidas? I don’t know. But this is how it is in this social world. It’s about self-promotion. People will just hate on it.

Was it the best? It’s hard to say. But to rub Super Bowl rings like that? Come on, Schlereth. Don’t be a hater.

My Top 10 best NFL helmets of all time

Last night I started to think about the best helmets in NFL history. It was something that I decided to make a list of right here just because why not? The NFL helmet is the identity of the team. I remember the old Monday Night Football intros where both helmets crash into each other. That’s priceless.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to create my own personal list of the Top 10 helmets in NFL history that I think stand the test of time. Feel free to disagree with me here.

Before I begin, here are some basic criteria that I used to determine which helmets should be on the list.

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NFL reporter Jeff Darlington once again dishes out his ‘Animal House’ pop culture lesson on Twitter

This is a classic movie scene. And for anyone who has seen it, they knew that Bluto’s confusion of US history did not hurt the impact of his speech.

NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, a fan of the movie, uses this speech in reference on Twitter every now and then. However, some of his 68,000+ Twitter followers don’t get the pop culture reference.

He used it on Monday night when the Redskins attempted to come back from a 33-7 deficit.

In return, we get a lot of fans calling out Darlington for not knowing his history. Darlington retweeted some of the offended people.

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No more toilet seat necklace for the Redskins!

So with this news, I am such a happy camper. The toilet seat is slowly disappearing and teams are realizing that it’s just ugly. Glad the Redskins are getting rid of it. It looked just so out of place.

It’s also another example of how many classic uniform designs have been compromised due to Nike’s “innovative” designs.

What the new jersey will look like.

Let’s call the Washington Redskins the Redtails

They’ve made a movie about the Redtails.

Coming out of Washington, it looks like the Redskins could get a name change to the Redtails

What’s a Redtail? I didn’t even know myself, so this was the explanation in the article.

In his resolution, Grosso urges the team to change its name to the Washington Redtails, noting that that was the nickname used by the Tuskegee Airmen, the pioneering aviation unit that broke the color barrier for U.S. military pilots in World War II. A plane used by the airmen recently was put in a place of honor in the Smithsonian.

This would be a complete 180-degree turn from their current name. One that isn’t racist, but is about equality. I wouldn’t mind it either way really. The Redskins name has been around so long that I probably have gotten used to it, so the name change issue isn’t big to me. But if it’s that important, a change sounds good and i can dig this. 


Redskins post article on team website saying they’re ‘proud’ of nickname

Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right. What a strange thing to post on the team site.

So what exactly is a die-hard fan?

To me, a die-hard fan is a fan that follow the team, knows almost everything about the coaches and roster and has to have at least followed the team for maybe five years or so.

But apparently this guy is not a die-hard. Because if he was, then he’d recognize the team’s backup quarterback that came into the game during the playoffs for them. A die-hard should know what the backup quarterback looks like.

Kirk Cousins of course was probably surprised at this. But then again, football players wear helmets so you don’t see their famous that often. But hey, I guess this guy needs to re-evaluate his stance as a die-hard fan.

First Down/Fourth Down: Mike Shanahan loses his RGIII gamble

I hope Griffin makes it back next season healthy. He’s a bright star, a nice guy and a huge boost to the league. He’s too good of a kid to have something like this detour his career.