Redskins post article on team website saying they’re ‘proud’ of nickname

Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right. What a strange thing to post on the team site.

So what exactly is a die-hard fan?

To me, a die-hard fan is a fan that follow the team, knows almost everything about the coaches and roster and has to have at least followed the team for maybe five years or so.

But apparently this guy is not a die-hard. Because if he was, then he’d recognize the team’s backup quarterback that came into the game during the playoffs for them. A die-hard should know what the backup quarterback looks like.

Kirk Cousins of course was probably surprised at this. But then again, football players wear helmets so you don’t see their famous that often. But hey, I guess this guy needs to re-evaluate his stance as a die-hard fan.

First Down/Fourth Down: Mike Shanahan loses his RGIII gamble

I hope Griffin makes it back next season healthy. He’s a bright star, a nice guy and a huge boost to the league. He’s too good of a kid to have something like this detour his career.

My predictions for Sunday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs! With that said, here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

Is this Ray Lewis’ last game?


The storylines are limitless here. Is this Ray Lewis’ final game in the NFL? What about the great comeback by Chuck Pagano as he returns to Baltimore? Is Joe Flacco elite? Is Andrew Luck the real deal?

I would like to think that the Lewis storyline would inspire the Ravens. After all, their emotional leader is back and that might be a huge difference. But I am not sure how effective he would be. The bigger concern for me is the offensive side of the ball.

Can Flacco lead this team to the Super Bowl? He was close last year and this year’s squad has shown signs of being good enough to make it happen again. But I am not sure if the offense can out-duel Luck’s run of success. What the Colts offense has done this year has provided a solid balance of timely running and passing plays. This team is playing at a level that I think can turn some heads in the playoffs.

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Rob Parker on RG3 comments: “I blew it and I’m sincerely sorry”

As much as this is good PR, this is still a bigger issue Parker doesn’t get. RG3 never said he doesn’t want to be black, he wants to be known not as just a black QB. Parker wants him to acknowledge his impact for the black community. Both are valid, but the confusion for Parker is that he was too ignorant to realize that the times have changed and even though race is still an issue, it’s not that important in this sense anymore. In the NFL where we have all kinds of people playing, a successful RG3 will will make its own impact without comments from either side. This rookie is still finding his way around the league and Parker needs to realize that he can’t judge anyone so soon or in that matter. Never judge a man’s integrity without really knowing him — and Parker doesn’t know RG3 at all.

I think I understand exactly where Rob Parker was coming from on RGIII — but he’s still wrong

Before I give you my thoughts, watch the above video. Then for the entire transcript, click this link.

Rob Parker decided to dig deep into his mind and wonder why Robert Griffin III isn’t black enough in his eyes. To him, a black person must love Barack Obama, have an all black family and maybe should listen to gangsta rap and so forth. For him they have to be “hood” and need to have “swag” probably too.

Calling him a cornball essentially calls RGIII as a fraud, saying that he puts up a front to cover up something. And that something is that Griffin isn’t black.

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Forget CM Punk, RG3 Is The WWE Champion

This is pretty funny and I am glad that wrestling belts are still cool to have around. I need one.

Joe Montana's Right Arm

When he isn’t slaying the Dallas Cowboys secondary, Robert Griffin III is talking to the media, getting in his playbook, or preparing to ruin an opposing defense.

Yesterday, he took time out of his schedule to make a pre-recorded appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Through a website called 4th and Pain (operated by Redskin teammate Adam Carriker), Griffin was presented with a WWE championship belt.

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