Quick thoughts on the new third jerseys for the Ducks, Avalanche

The Ducks have been incorporating their Mighty Ducks logo into their identity recently. In fact, it’s been a shoulder patch. But this new development is really intriguing. It’s actually not a surprise they’d use it as a crest but to see it on a really loud orange jersey. I guess it’s not too surprising really. Orange jerseys are not new to the NHL and for sure this marriage of old school and new school is very necessary now that the team has switched up their primary sets. Not bad.

The Avalanche pays homage to the Rockies before they became the devils. I’ll be honest and say that I liked their blue thirds they had before. Bringing back a new blue third makes me happy. I like the balance of color here and it’s a unique look which I think could be very popular with the fans. I know I like it!

The Ducks are putting their playoff trust in a rookie goalie

The Ducks are putting their playoff trust in a rookie goalie

The decision to start Andersen makes sense and the Ducks are investing in their future tonight. They are the top seed and they know they have a little room for this experiment. Ultimately, this first game will decide how they will approach the rest of the series.

My experience at Dodger Stadium for the Stadium Series game between the Ducks and Kings

I don’t even like either the Kings or Ducks. Both of them are the rivals. But as a hockey fan, attending the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium was a must for me. I’ve always wanted to go to the Winter Classic games but since those games are never on the West Coast, this is the best option for me. It was actually a great cool night and the entire atmosphere was very unique.

I had arrived at around 5PM, a good 90 minutes before the ceremonies would begin. I got there early knowing that getting into the stadium closer to the start of the game would suck. When arrived there, I saw that there was a fan fest area in one of the parking lots. It didn’t look interesting, so I just went inside.

What was really unique about this stadium was the set up of the field for the game. They had a volleyball court, a stage for KISS and a mini rollerblade rink for kids. Those were all occupied before the game and during the intermissions.

There’s a lot of stuff going on around the rink.

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Dodger Stadium game an intriguing matchup

Tonight I am going to the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium. I will boo both teams equally. But as a big hockey fan, attending something like this was on my bucket list that I am so glad that I got to take care of so soon. I got a sweet deal on my ticket and I am going to soak up all of it tonight. I will have a recap of my adventure when I return from the game.

My first ever trip to “The Pond” to catch the Sharks and Ducks

It was a good environment for a hockey game.

It was a good environment for a hockey game.

I went to the Honda Center (I still call it “The Pond”) for the first time ever to catch the Ducks take on the Sharks. This was something I had wanted to do for a while and with the Sharks in town for New Year’s Eve, I decided why not?

The entire arena itself is pretty nice. It’s not messy and it’s easy to maneuver around. Ducks fans weren’t arrogant as I thought they were and I suppose it was nice for them not to have me be all loud since the Sharks stunk it up.

But overall, the experience was nice. It wasn’t even expensive and getting there was easy. The goal horn isn’t as annoying as the one the Kings use, so I at least know I will likely be back here for one more game this year.

Is FS1 getting creative or running out of ideas?

I don’t watch FS1 much but I did catch a glimpse of their show (whatever they call it with all the highlights) and they had this logo history deal on the right. FS1 likes to share notes about each team and there are two ways I approach this:

1 – Either they want to expand their notes about each team to more than just stats and numbers


2 – The Ducks are so boring (or they know little about them) that they came up with this fact to share.

What do you think?

Knucklepuck! The Mighty Ducks are coming back to the NHL

We had known for a while that the Anaheim Ducks would do a throwback night to celebrate their 20th year in the league. But they teased our first official look at the return of the Mighty Ducks.

I very much miss this and wish they never got rid of it. But for one night, the memories of a fun movie and a hockey team will return.

I can’t wait to see it!