I just got back from the Stadium Series game and I’ll tell you about it

A view from my seat.

I just got back from the Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium and I had a pretty good time. I went to last year’s game in LA and that was my measuring stick for this one. It didn’t meet the excitement and standard to the LA one, but there were a few highlights.

First of all, I love outdoor hockey games so this one was nicely set up. The ambiance was pretty unique and the setting of the California terrains and the water with the bridge was really unique and nice to the setting. Aside from the actual game, which made me sad because the Sharks lost, there were some few interesting things about the experience that stood out to me.

They kept encouraging fans to be loud and displayed a decibel meter but it never got loud enough to make any significant difference. That was foolish. After all, Levi’s Stadium is still too new and the identity of the place doesn’t warrant such a gimmick.

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I am ready for the Stadium Series!

Ready to go!

The day is finally here and I am going to the Stadium Series game tonight. I’ve seen so many pictures and it looks fantastic. I have pretty high standards for this game since I went to last year’s game in LA and that blew me away.

I know that in the standings, this is a huge game. The Kings are on a roll and the Sharks are not. The Sharks need this game bad to keep afloat and maybe get some momentum by beating their rival.

This will be a fun experience and I hope the excitement delivers. Go Sharks!

My road to the NHL Stadium Series

Trying to decide what to wear to the Stadium Series. I also have a jersey I am considering.

Right now I am somewhere on I-5 on my way back to the Bay Area. I have tickets to the Stadium Series and that’s where I am going to be this Saturday. I am so prepared, I packed up some of my Sharks gear to wear to the game tomorrow.

I have the entire Saturday dedicated to this game, so I am pretty excited to get there early, snap some photos and really take in the atmosphere. This will be the second time I will be at Levi’s Stadium for an event. The first one was Jim Harbaugh’s last game with the 49ers. I will be back a month later for WrestleMania.

I attended last year’s Stadium Series game in Los Angeles. I thought it was spectacular. Hockey is growing in California and such a spectacle was amazing. KISS performed and Wayne Gretzky opened up the game by dropping the puck. I can only hope and imagine that the grandeur of this game is equally impressive.

As you remember from the artist rendering, there is a lot of potential in what it could feel like at the game. I have seen some photos of the preparation this week and I am loving what it could be. Levi’s Stadium is still new and this is one of their biggest events in its short history. WrestleMania and the Super Bowl are coming up on their schedule. Even Taylor Swift is a big deal. But it all starts this Saturday for an outdoor hockey game. I hope it’s great. I  hope it’s worth my time driving on the 5 to get up back to the Bay. Go Sharks!

Artist rendering of the Stadium Series didn’t try hard enough

As I was looking at the just released artist rendering of the Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium, I noticed something odd.

First of  all, the rendering looks nice. I like it a lot. I cannot wait to be there next week to see it live all by myself. The fake beach and the bright colors are very California.

But look at the crowd and the jerseys they are wearing. Look at the bottom right, in front of Dustin Brown is Logan Couture. And in front of Couture is a blank jersey with #85. That isn’t a hockey jersey. That is a football jersey. That’s actually the jersey of Vernon Davis of the 49ers just with his name removed and the jersey recolored.

Look at the fans in the concourse area on the right. Those look like football jerseys too. Come on, artist guy. You can do better.

But of course I am just nitpicking a little. Not even a big deal. Surprisingly, that was the first thing I saw when I opened the image.

Sharks unveil Stadium Series jersey with amazing NorCal patch

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK so the leak that went out about the Stadium Series uniform is true. The San Jose Sharks unveiled their look and it is what we expected. Check out the slideshow above for more photos of it and check out the video here.

As expected, the the top third of the jersey is teal. Then the middle portion is white. The bottom part is black. Odd but unique. The entire back of the jersey is teal, which gives this jersey a very unique and similar look to the Sabres’ thirds.

What really strikes me is the huge numbers on the sleeves. But I suppose the Stadium Series jerseys are all about the in your face look. The chest logo isn’t chrome like last year, but it still looks reflective. I bet it’s going to look fantastic under the outdoor lights.

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The Sharks and Kings Stadium Series uniforms leaked and I like them

OK. So Icethetics has the goods on what the Stadium Series uniforms for the Sharks and Kings are expected to look like. I will be attending the game.

Last night, Mayor’s Manor had an early leak of the Kings’ set and Icethetics’ leak looks exactly the same. The only difference are the shorts. I think white looks better but the black makes so much more sense.

With that said, both uniforms are identical in terms of template and design. Let’s take a look at the Sharks’ first.

Sharks Stadium Series uniform via Icethetics.

What I do like about it is the teal is prominent. Unlike the playoff run of wearing black, this special occasion warrants teal. Granted the bottom half of it is black but it works for me. This horrible design is screaming 1990s to me. It’s like a mismash of the old Stars and Avs jerseys. But this one is like a two-tone throwback. I think it’s a very nice and distinct look. I might even cop a replica of this.

Kings Stadium Series uniforms via Icethetics.

For the Kings, their look is similar. There were rumors the Burger King or purple would return but that’s not the case. Much like the Sharks, the two-tone works and because the Kings are using silver, it really makes it look almost all white from a distance. I would love to see white pants for the contrast of the two teams but as of now with black, I like it.

I wish each uniform was unique but this is what was expected. It’s really an odd 1990s feel and I like it. It’s different and unique and don’t be surprised to see these appear again in a regular season game after the Stadium Series.


Levi’s Stadium to host NHL Stadium Series game between Sharks and Kings


This is what I have been waiting for!

I went to the one in LA this year and it was a blast. I can only imagine how this one is going to be in a new stadium and filled with Sharks fans.

What makes this great is that outdoor hockey is nothing like anything else I have seen. It’ so cool to see hockey outdoors. I hope that the weather won’t get too warm. But it should be great. I don’t know how I can find my way up north for this, but I know that I want to do this. This is going to be great!

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I’m ready for some Sharks playoff hockey


The Sharks are back in the playoffs and will take on the Kings. I went to Game 7 last year between these two and it was a heartbreaker. But I still believe in my Sharks.

They probably aren’t the best team and they haven’t played their best hockey yet. But when it comes to the playoffs, anything goes. Especially with this series against the rival Kings, it is expected to go the distance.

I hope I can get some time to go to one of these games. But with the Warriors-Clippers playoff meeting likely to take place also, I have to save up and figure out which series I want to go to more.

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My experience at Dodger Stadium for the Stadium Series game between the Ducks and Kings

I don’t even like either the Kings or Ducks. Both of them are the rivals. But as a hockey fan, attending the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium was a must for me. I’ve always wanted to go to the Winter Classic games but since those games are never on the West Coast, this is the best option for me. It was actually a great cool night and the entire atmosphere was very unique.

I had arrived at around 5PM, a good 90 minutes before the ceremonies would begin. I got there early knowing that getting into the stadium closer to the start of the game would suck. When arrived there, I saw that there was a fan fest area in one of the parking lots. It didn’t look interesting, so I just went inside.

What was really unique about this stadium was the set up of the field for the game. They had a volleyball court, a stage for KISS and a mini rollerblade rink for kids. Those were all occupied before the game and during the intermissions.

There’s a lot of stuff going on around the rink.

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Dodger Stadium game an intriguing matchup

Tonight I am going to the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium. I will boo both teams equally. But as a big hockey fan, attending something like this was on my bucket list that I am so glad that I got to take care of so soon. I got a sweet deal on my ticket and I am going to soak up all of it tonight. I will have a recap of my adventure when I return from the game.