San Jose Sharks gave us a season that I will never forget

The final handshakes.

The hardest thing about about being an NHL fan is that the road to the Stanley Cup is so hard. And being a Sharks fan, it’s even harder. There is no history of the team having won it. Their past playoff success had been limited. The West Coast isn’t much of a hockey country.

Yet what the Sharks did this past season was something to be cherished. After a heartache of an exit two years ago, the team entered the season with a new coach, new goalie, new faces and not a high expectation. They didn’t look so great in December and it sure didn’t seem like they would make it far.

The team rallied and found their way into the playoffs playing some of the best hockey. The power play was amazing. The passing was crisp. Martin Jones played at an elite level. And finally, the team made it to the Stanley Cup Final. In 25 years, the first trip was so sweet.

But it was not meant to be. It wasn’t supposed to be easy. It was going to be a fight and in the end, the Penguins were better. It sucks because we may never know what the future holds and if the Sharks will ever sniff this glory in the near future. I believe that one day they will. But I don’t know when. I will cherish what they did this year. It was the best they ever did and I hope that maybe even next year, they’ll finally reach the top.

My experience attending Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final

I haven’t been to a Sharks game in some time and the last time I attended a Sharks playoff game was back in 2007.

Getting to the game was a journey since I drove up to San Jose the day of Game 4. The city was buzzing with people all wearing Sharks gear and the place was excited for the game. As I got to the SAP Center they had different little booths for photos, prizes, music and even the stage was set for NBCSN where fans and cameramen were around.

Inside the arena was pretty nice. But there was a sense of uncertainty. After all, this is the first time the Sharks have been here.

But once we got to our seats, the hype was real strong as the introductions came and Metallica performed.

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Pittsburgh Penguins’ third jersey has a championship look

Pittsburgh Penguins’ third jersey has a championship look

I really like this. It’s the classic Pittsburgh colors (instead of the gold they use currently) and it really has that retro look. Very nice. Well done. One of the best looking jerseys in hockey right now.

When football and hockey collide, you get this

I am digging this. The design is very accurate to what a Steelers helmet looks like. Aside from the Penguins logo, this is spot on.

NBC is so excited that hockey is back that they don’t remember what happened last season

Hockey returns this weekend and I am really excited. The lockout was a bummer but I an live with that as long as I get my hockey back.

NBA is promoting the season too and this latest commercial should get really juiced up about the Flyers getting their revenge on the Penguins for their playoff loss that last year.

But wait, didn’t the Flyers eliminate the Pens in the playoffs? Yes they did. So either NBC themselves just got their facts wrong on a series they broadcasted or maybe they just don’t think we can tell the difference.

Sidney Crosby’s 12-year, $104.4 million contract extension is quite something

Raking in the money. Let’s just hope he can stay healthy.

The Penguins have just announced Sidney Crosby’s new contract extension: 12 years for $104.4 million. That means The Kid will be with the team until the 2024-25 season.

For Crosby, he is one of the biggest names in the game and could possibly the greatest star of this generation. My only hope is that he can remain healthy from his concussion issues and really bring this sport to light in America. Hockey is on the cusp of getting more and more attention.

But I am always concerned with major contracts in the NHL. After all, it doesn’t always work out. However, Crosby is a totally different kind of talent. A once in a lifetime type of talent. I hope he justifies this extension with years of fantastic play.